Year of Transformation


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Individual Programs

Year of Transformation

Monthly sessions plus access to monthly inspirational/motivational conference call. Perfect for individuals looking to reinvent themselves in life or business, or athletics. Remove obstacles, create breakthroughs. Are you looking to define your spiritual and life purpose and get yourself on that path? Have you wanted to break free of patterns and habits that no longer serve you? Whatever your transformation may be—this is the program for you! 1 year commitment. $595/month. Includes your personal Mindscan or HVP assessment (See below).

Mindscan Assessment/HVP (Hartman Value Profile)
You don’t know what you don’t know about yourself. We all have blind spots. What would it mean to you in your life to clearly see your strengths so that you can make them stronger, and to see your weaknesses so that you can manage them instead of letting them run you? This is invaluable information on yourself that you can use immediately to make your life work better. Included in Year of Transformation program. On its own—Assessment + 1 hour decoding session. $350.

Hartman Value Profile Athlete Performance Assessment
Are you serious about your athletic goals and performance? How do you react to different levels of risk? How focused are you? What causes you to lose focus? Where does your motivation come from and how much do you have? How much faith do you have—in yourself? In the world? In others? This assessment holds the keys to your increased performance in your sport. Invaluable information if you are serious about reaching higher levels of performance. One session—$400–$500.

Individual Power Coaching™ with Mind-Kinetics™ Session
PCMK helps the client to identify blocks, remove obstacles and release the emotional charges associated with them. 1 session, $250–$350. Check out the tab “About Power Coaching™ with Mind-Kinetics™” for more information on this method of coaching!

Life/Spiritual Purpose Session
How long have you been searching for your purpose in life? Isn’t it time to clarify this or deepen your understanding of yourself? Define, gain insight. 1 ½ hour session, $350.

Three Month Programs

Image Package: Are you looking to change your style? Wanting to reinvent yourself? This program is for you! You will work on transforming your inner image along with the outer for lasting change that makes sense. You will develop new beliefs and mindset to complement any exterior changes you decide to make. Perfect for anyone in a transitional role in life or who feels the real “them” wanting to come out and is ready to make it happen! 3 month commitment, $600/month.*

Leadership Tune-Up: It starts with your Mindscan/HVP assessment to identify your strengths and possible blind spots as a leader. Define your purpose as a leader, and then work with Kim to create your vision—you at the next level of your leadership and success! Once you have your vision, you can devise a plan to make it a reality and start to take action immediately! This program will be filled with discovery and breakthrough! Get ready to see things in new ways! 3 month commitment, $600/month.*

Life/Career Transition: Have things changed in your life? Are you switching careers, looking for a new career, moving into a new business, deciding to stay at home with children, or going back to the work force? Have you been caring for children or others and that situation has now changed? Are you wanting to balance roles and looking for ways to be creative and make your transition work in a delightful way? This program is perfect for anyone whose roles in life are changing. Start with your personal Mindscan/HVP assessment, find your spiritual life/purpose, identify your strengths and desires to devise the perfect plan for you, and put yourself on that path. (Will include a fresh resume for you, when appropriate.) 3 month commitment, $600/month.*

*As with all programs, the three month programs are highly individualized and conclusive within three months, though next levels of each program will be available for those who wish to advance.

Group Programs

Group Coaching

From time to time group coaching programs will be available which will run for approximately 6 months at a time and will meet twice per month. The participants in these groups will also have access to a monthly inspirational/motivational conference call. Some examples of groups that may be running are Life/Career Transition, Image and Self Esteem, Spiritual/Life Purpose, Building Energy and Mindset Tune Up.

There will also be Year of Transformation Groups working through their life transformation and reinvention together in a group setting, rather than individually.

Groups may also be formed by request and can be customized for you, your business, friends or colleagues. Please inquire about groups using the contact tab.

Kim DuBrul
ICF Member Coach
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