Are Your Habits On Your Side?

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Where you are in your life today and the level of satisfaction and contentment you feel about that, are the sum total of your daily habits, including the habits of what and how you think and what you speak out loud.

What daily habits do you have that support you and help you to live the life you love?

How can you expand these to have an even great effect in your life?

What habits are getting in your way, pushing you even further away from you goals each day?

How can you use your good habits to overcome the not so good ones?

What’s your plan?

How much longer will you allow yourself to live anything less than the life of your dreams?


It’s Okay to Worry!

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I just finished, for the 10th time, listening to an interview Darren Hardy did with Dr. Daniel Amen on this months Success Magazine CD.  It is blowing my mind- haha!!  It’s about the brain- your brain, my brain.  The first thing he said that really got my attention is the fact that as our bodies get bigger, i.e.- we get fatter, our brains physically shrink in size and functionality.  Whoa!  As he says “that’s enough to scare the fat right off from you!!”

There were many other great points, and I just bought his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, because I want to learn more.  The other point I wanted to share in this post is this:  A healthy dose of worry and concern is a GOOD thing, the “don’t worry be happy” people die sooner!  It turns out that worrying can prompt people to make good decisions, to stop and think about things.  If you are not concerned, you let whatever happens, happen- well, here comes your smaller brain with more fat on your body.  Get in the habit of making great decisions and you will thrive out of your worries and concerns.  A healthy does of worry means you actually care.

How does he think we can start making better decisions- learn these two words and ask them to ourselves each time we are about to make a decision about anything: “Then what?”  Once I decide to do this-”Then what?”  Once I do that, “Then what?”  thinking about the outcome you will get from any action you are about to take can cause you to switch gears, re-assess, and make a different, and better decision.

The level of your success in anything about life is reflected in the quality of your decisions.  My suggestion, learn more about your brain and it’s health and make a goal today to start making more quality decisions by asking yourself those two words- “Then what?”

Taking a Nature Break

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Although I am a big proponent of taking massive action toward your goals relentlessly and with perseverance, I see the huge value in revitalization time to have even more energy to give to your pursuits.

I am noticing more and more the power of being out in nature to totally refresh my perspective.  Whether it is a daily walk outside- in every kind of weather, playing with the kids, sitting in an Adirondack chair in the yard reading- they all add up to renewed energy for me. Yesterday I spent most of the day with my kids at an outdoor museum.  Today I spent the better part of 4 hours at the Annual Flynn Center Garden Tour.  On top of spending most of that time outside (except for the driving between houses/gardens) I was also treated to some of the most beautiful flowers, plants, bushes, trees and overall landscaping schemes I have ever seen.  Just soaking all of this in has sparked my personal creativity (though none of has anything to do with a green thumb, which I do not have!).  Appreciating the work that someone else has done gives makes me feel inspired and gives me a touch of awe for what is possible.  Okay, more than a touch!

I encourage you this week while you work your way toward your goals, taking smart actions that will get you to them, while you focus and work hard- take time to get outside.  If you are stuck on a solution or looking for new ideas- stop sitting there wracking your brain- get out the door for a walk.  Take regular breaks this week as an experiment.  Go to places you find personally beautiful and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents.  You don’t have to take a long time, just regular breaks.  Take a gauge next Sunday and see how you are feeling after doing this experiment all week.

I can tell you that after this weekend’s activities, I feel ready to get busy tomorrow and I am filled up with energy to have a great week!  I wish the same for you, as well!

The Right Things?

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“Are you doing things right, or are you doing the RIGHT things?”  Melissa Malueg said this on a John Maxwell team call I was on today.

Wow!  We can have such great intentions- reading that book, learning that skill, writing and looking at our goals, etc.  BUT are you doing the right things with all of that to put you in the direction of reaching your goals and getting the results you want in business and in life?  Is what your doing going to best serve you right now? Are you making decisions and going for it, or are your waiting for the right time, procrastinating.  Movement is almost always going to be better than standing still.  No matter what- when you take action, SOMETHING is going to happen!

To get more focused on results- write out everything you need to do and then assign them to 3 categories-

Do= something that only you can do and you do it the best

Delegate- something that someone else can do at least 80% as good as you can, or anything that dollar productive-wise doesn’t make financial sense for you to be doing it.

Dump- something you think you want to do, but you never do it or something you are doing over and over again and the results are not there.  You have to ask yourself- are these things really important?  And why?  Why do I not work on them, if they are important?

Good stuff to think about AND take action on- TODAY!  Thanks Melissa!