Are You In Love with Your Work?

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Right now, this minute- think of 5 things you love about the work you are doing in the world.  Write them out, right now.

If you had a hard time with that, it may be a good time to ask yourself the question-  why?

Are you:

-focused too much on what is not good about your job/career?

-discouraged by lack of progress?

-doing work you truly do not enjoy?

-what else?

There are some ways to work on solving this, here are a few to try:

-write out how your job/career would look if it was perfect.  Now you can strategize a way to get there.

-what do you love to do?  Make a huge list of EVERYTHING you love to do.  There may be some clues there leading you to another career path.

-have you renewed your work goals/plans lately?  Do you have any?  New, fresh goals and plans can renew energy, enthusiasm and a whole new outlook.

-be conscious to continually look for things that are good about your work- focus on finding them whenever you are tempted to think or say something negative.


Were you easily able to list 5 things you love?  That’s great news!  Post this list near your desk as a reminder.

Your challenge?  Figure out how to expand those things on your list so that you are spending more time doing those things that you love about your work.  Make a plan and start implementing little actions one by one.

If you are choosing to spend your days at work (and yes, it is a choice), determining what you can enjoy about it is a worthy pursuit. Your days are too precious to waste and any other way.

Little Steps Add Up

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A thought today as we move into a great weekend here in Vermont.

As the middle of the year approaches, I am overwhelmed this week hearing my client’s success stories and accomplishments.  What has struck me the most was that most of these reports were of things they had been working on for a good length of time- one for two years!  It showed me again the power of the Compound Effect (a book I recommend by Darren Hardy).  Little actions taken, the right actions, over time add up to big things.  Perseverance shows up here, too- not giving up- just moving steadily in the direction on their goals.

Sometimes we think nothing will every come together, but given the time and patience, given small actions over and over again, they do.

How do you take advantage of this effect and jump on the success bandwagon that so many of my clients are on this week?

Decide what you want.

Make a plan to make it happen.

Break it down into little steps.

Put your plan into times in your schedule.

Visit your written goal and plan at least once a day. (first thing in the morning)

Don’t allow yourself to take actions that put you in the direction going away from your goals.  The moral:  the compound effect works both ways- make bad choices and actions over and over again and I really bad result will eventually show up in your life.  Consistently taking positive and right actions, no matter the size, will eventually show up in your achieving your goals and dreams.


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Do you remember the saying patience is a virtue?  I looked up the work patience in the dictionary with a client yesterday.  I am always blown away by the definition:

Patience: the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain WITHOUT complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.  Whoa.

When you have been waiting for a long time for something to happen, for your dreams to come true, patience is a tough one.  I am writing this today to re-inspire you to keep hanging in there.  If you have been waiting a long time to reach a goal and you are doing everything you can possibly do,  if you are truly talented at what you do or are totally prepared in every way to reach your goal- don’t give it up!

Maybe you are not sure of your talent, or you even know for sure that you probably are not up to reaching your goal for any reason- it is OKAY to give it up- and stop waiting to begin something new.  (read The Dip by Seth Godin TODAY, if this is you- short book, big info!)

If you have determined that continuing to wait is the best idea, the trick is to figure out how to wait within the definition of patience. (see above)

What can you do while you are waiting?

-get better at what you are doing- study and practice- keep growing

-keep looking for opportunities to gain experience, make connections, network, etc and follow through on them

-write out the vision you are working to achieve and read it out loud every day

-focus on gratitude and be thankful on purpose for what is great in your life already- write them down each day

-have fun and enjoy the people, things and events in your life while you are waiting- your good energy sets many things in motion, many of which you can not predict

-read and listen to uplifting material to keep yourself out of discouragement

Most of all, make the most of the time you are waiting- the last thing you want to do is to look back with regret on unhappy months, years, etc.  Everyday of your life is precious and is leading to that day when it all comes together.  Keep your faith and keep moving forward – even and especially when you feel like being impatient- being annoyed, complaining, etc.  Get through your waiting time gracefully- you will enjoy your life so much more!


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Today on my TCP The Corm Project appearance we discussed happiness.  One of the points is that it is necessary to be still to become clear about what makes you happy.  Never slowing down is a prescription, at some point, for unhappiness.

I told the listeners that I would post the areas of your life here today for your quiet time contemplation.  Think about each area, write down what would make you happy in those areas.  Writing those things down are the first step to making them happen.  It is funny how things really take off, even after just simply writing down what you want.


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