Planning and Goal Setting: The 7 Areas of Your Life

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 82:

I promised Steve Cormier, host of TCP the Corm Project on 100.7, WXMR that I would post this information here on my blog.  We had a great discussion today about the fact that 1/3 of the year has now passed, and being that we are on the brink of a brand new month, it would be a great time to do a little exercise.

Consider the following areas of your life:




Health and Fitness




Ask yourself- on a scale from 1-10 (ten being the BEST), how are you doing in each area?  Each area that is not a 10- ask yourself- What would make it a 10?

Then, what action could I take this week to move in the direction of the 10?  Take out your planner and write it into your schedule NOW!  Do this in each area.  Make a plan for the month, scheduling in actions- big or small- each day.

It is okay to be out of balance if one area is really calling for your attention right now (which is many times the case), just be out of balance with purpose and on purpose.



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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 81:

One of the best ways to insure your success, in any area, is to get organized.  As I write this, we are on the brink of a new week and a new month.  The month of May is perfectly suited to throwing out the old and bringing in the new.  Clean out, make plans, get organized.

Today- plan for the week ahead.  What kind of a week/month would you like to have?  What work would you like to accomplish?  What projects would you like to complete or make progress on?  Specifically, what steps will you need to take to achieve these?  Put them into your calendar?  Who would you like to spend time with?  Call or email them today to set a date and time.  What would you like to read or watch or learn?  Get specific with times and exactly what these are.  What would you like to do health wise?  Get specific with this, too and schedule it in.

Today, I am cleaning out my winter clothes and bringing out the spring and summer ones.  I am sorting out what I don’t wear at the same time and making piles for Goodwill and for the second hand shop.  It feels good to let things go, and leaves you clearer for taking on what comes next.

Plan for success by getting organized.  When you rid yourself of distracting chaos, and make a specific plan to follow, you give yourself a real chance to have the week and month you want to have.

Back to Reality

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 80:

One thing I have learned in the past week is what doesn’t work well- that is in the case of writing a 100 day blogging challenge everyday while on vacation with my family!  I decided to let it go altogether after a couple of days of getting back on track.  Ultimately, just focusing on having fun with my family won out, and I feel good about that.  Especially since we have just now arrived back at home and the busyness of our everyday life is already taking on momentum.  The dogs need walks and feeding and extra love, the unpacking and laundry need to be done, organizing for the coming week, cleaning out the rotten food from the fridge and grocery shopping are all in full swing.

Vacation should be vacation.  When you take time to be with your loved ones, really be with them- life will always be waiting back at home.  We have three more years before our daughter goes off to college, and our family vacation will be changed forever.  I don’t want to miss this precious free time without day to day responsibilities to really connect and have fun with my kids.

We had a great vacation visiting Grandma, walking the beach, discovering beautiful shells, eating Cold Stone ice cream, dancing to a favorite DJ, swimming, reading and relaxing.

Those memories will fuel us for quite a while as we get back to the reality of everyday life at home.  It truly always nice to take a break, but just as nice to be back at home again, too.

Inner Peace

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 79:

On Sundays I like to do some introspective, spiritual reading. A client recently suggested a book by Henri Nouwen to me called Out of Solitude.
I am enjoying reading it and contemplating the meanings. What comes out of solitude for me? Clarity, hope, and inner peace. So much can be gained from extracting ourselves from our busy lives for a period of time. We can then approach our busy lives from a fresh angle.

Two passages from the book stand out to me (so far). The first is “this nagging self doubt is the basis of so much depression in the lives of many people who are struggling in our competitive society”

“and so, when our actions have become more an expression of fear than of inner freedom, we easily become the prisoners of our self-created illusions.”
Just a couple of things to contemplate today…..


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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 78:

There is nothing like flying away from home on a much looked forward to vacation to make you forget everything! That and a late night flight and drive, to boot!
That’s what happened to my 100 day challenge and I missed two days! After making it all the way through day 77, however, I have decided not to beat myself up about it and to carry on!
Here’s what I love about our vacation: slower pace, hours and hours of reading time, beach, sun, warmth, great food and wine, time with good friends from home in a different setting where we all just have fun together without the daily responsibilities. I also love hours of reading time (oh, did I already mention that?), shopping in my favorite mall in stores we don’t have at home, plenty of time for a run on the beach and a nice long workout and eating outside, especially on the beach.
What do I love most? Uninterrupted time with my family who is growing up so fast and Grandma who we don’t get to spend nearly enough time with: irreplaceable and priceless to me.
What do you love about vacation?

No Offense Taken

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 77:

One of the things that I have had to work the hardest on is not being offended by the actions of others.  It is hard work if you are a sensitive person (something that makes me a great coach, but can trip me up at other times) and get your feelings hurt easily.

Here’s what I have learned- being offended serves no one.  Not you, not the other person.  Here’s what else I have learned:

-Most of the time people don’t even know that they are saying or doing something offensive.

-People don’t mean to hurt or harm you.

-The thing you are offended about is usually a little too close to the truth, or at least you think in the back of your mind it might be.  And you don’t like it.

-Most of the people who might offend you, don’t know you enough to even be qualified to offend you.

-They usually don’t mean it the way you took it.

-It is just pure ego that allows you to feel offended.  Pride comes in here, too.  Getting your ego out of the way is key.

-Staying in “I’m Offended” mode will cause you to make stupid decisions and take poorly thought through actions.

-When you allow yourself to be offended you let “it” have power over you.

-If you are truly offended, you need to tell the person how you are feeling and clear the air- so that you can let go of it and move on.

-OR you just consider what might be true, who the source is, learn what you can, and just move on!

No matter what, moving on- and fast!- is the important factor in dealing with offense.  The longer you stay offended, the more other people you will push away with your “story”, the more joy you miss, the more negativity you will attract.  It’s a choice that you make.


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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 76:

Responsibility:  Reliability or dependability…..

How many times do you make a promise you don’t keep?  Did you automatically think I meant to other people?  How about the promises you make to yourself,  how good are you about keeping those?  Do the things you promise yourself keep getting bumped for more “urgent” matters, or while waiting for the perfect time or circumstances?

We have to have a strong circle of others who are there for us, supporting us, to have the most joyful life possible.  BUT FIRST you must be there for yourself and you must support yourself.  If you don’t show that something is important to you by your words and actions, even the best of friends sure isn’t going to believe it.  Or support you in it.

YOU are the only one you can truly depend upon to take the actions in your best interest. YOU are the only one who can show the world by your actions what you are serious about and what deserves support.  YOU must rely on yourself to get what you want out of life.  When you get fully determined and take full responsibility for what you want, then your friends and the whole world can join your band wagon.

Where do you need to step up to greater thoughts, words and actions to support yourself in gaining the greatest life you can imagine?  How about the greatest career or business you can imagine?  What have you been leaving to chance or waiting for others to do.

I know someone who has been waiting for at least 45 years for something big to happen, and for someone to come along and gift them with everything they every wanted.  Yet year after year, the excuses continue for not taking the actions necessary to get there.  I can see a lot of regret lining up there.  There is a lot of unhappiness, too.

Doesn’t it sound like more fun to have a bandwagon?!


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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 75:

I am thinking about setting and reaching big goals as I hit the 3/4 mark today on my 100 Day Blogging Challenge!

Question for you:  Do you have a lofty goal?  Something big that you have thought about for a long time, but you keep shelving because it seems too big?

If so, this week, pick one action to take that will say to you- this is important to me and I am going to do it!  Do you need to contact someone for information?  Sign up for a class?  Read or re-read a certain book?  Do you need to take some planning time and put it into your schedule?   Whatever you do, it will re-ignite the energy that will move you toward reaching your big goal.

Decide on the action, put it into your schedule- right now!  It’s important!

Reverence means looking up to something and holding it in a high level of importance.  This is how you should view your lofty goal.  Other things, less important , go by the wayside because this is important.  Are you giving reverence to your lofty goal?  Or do you let everything else distract you from it?  Something to think about today.

Overcoming Obstacles

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 74:

When reflecting upon what is not working well in your business or life- those areas you want to sharpen so that you can reach your goals- you may discover that they are the same few things that are stopping you time and time again.

Becoming consciously aware of those few things is a huge first step to overcoming them.  Start to identify some strategies that can help you to break through them this week.  Think about times in the past that you have had the discipline or courage or whatever you need to have to break through to success.  You know you have done it before, you can do it again.  Find someone to hold you accountable this week.  Someone who cares about your success and cares enough to question you and to follow up with you.

Take one thing at a time.  Build your power.  You can do anything you want to do!  Stay focused on your purpose and how much it means to you.



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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 73:

Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect continues to impact me and my clients.  One of the parts that has helped me to move forward the most is are the questions on reflection.  These are questions to ask yourself at the end of each week, as you area planning your next week.  I am not going to quote the questions exactly, but I wanted to share with you how I ask the questions to myself each week:


-What did I do well?

-Where did I go off track?

-What are my aha’s, what did I learn?

-What can I do to fix these things in the next week?

-Are all of my goals still important and relevant?

-What am I most grateful for from the past week?

Darren has a great book that I love to use, as it prompts me, journal style, to answer these questions and more each week, each month, and each quarter.  It makes it easy for me to do- and I am all for that!

The journal can be ordered here:

bestyearever  It is called Living Your Best Year Ever.  That’s what I am up to!  How about you?!  Have an awesome day!

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