Mindset March

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 29:

Happy Leap Day!  Just another day that is proof that 2012 is not just any old ordinary year!  I have talked to so many men and women this year that feel that way, too.  There seems to be something in the air, the energy that was ushered in with this new year that has got people ready to finally take action on their goals and dreams- both for themselves and the world.

Just as I dedicated February 2012 to Love, I am dedicating March to Mindset- Mindset March!  I will be highlighting books, interviews, thoughts, ideas and anything else that inspires me about mindset.  Mindset is the foundation of all.  (see yesterday’s post about your thoughts).  Having a strong mindset is essential to creating what you want in your life.

Some mindset killers are negative news, papers, stories and shows that highlight other people’s bad luck and violence.  Other mindset killers are poor health and stamina, not following your plan (or not having one in the first place), focusing on what is not right or perfect, hanging around with negative and unsupportive people, living with extremes, taking offense to things that happen, being jealous, procrastinating.  These are just some of them!  As you can see, we are put face to face with possible mindset killers at every turn.

What can we do about it?  We need to be on purpose about boosting our mindset every chance we get!  (and then some!) Cleaning up your environment- physical, mental, people, reading and listening to positive, inspirational and motivational material each day, having a plan and reading it, following it each day, learning from mistakes and quickly moving forward, getting used to self discipline and self denial so that you can avoid making those choices that cause you to want to beat up on yourself later.  Learning how to relax and calm your mind by sitting quietly is a real booster, as is learning about and taking part in activities that you enjoy that lead to greater health physically.  Spending time in nature and other beautiful settings that uplift you are key mindset boosters that can be woven into your day/week.

You will start to see that most of the boosters are things we must choose and do on and with purpose.  Mindset killers are very often things that we are allowing by virtue of non action, or not thinking.  Or by habit.

Start to look at the times when you notice your mindset going down hill to see if you notice any patterns.  Learn from these.

The best way to get a sharp mindset?  The best way I know is to practice, practice, practice!  If you get off track, notice why it happened, learn from it and move on.  Always keep focused on what is already good and working and more of that will be sure to transpire!!

Thoughts Become Things…….

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The 100 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 28:

One of the best emails I receive everyday is from www.tut.com and it is my own personal note from the Universe.  Consider signing up to get your own personal Note From the Universe everyday- it will empower you and make you smile!  Those of you who are reading this and already get your note are smiling just thinking about it, I know you are!

Mike Dooley, his brother and Mom created tut.com several years ago and I was introduced to the website by a friend.  I have since listened to Mike’s seminars and read his books, and continue to, as they fit my category of daily listening and reading in the motivational, uplifting and inspirational  area.  Mike has three words that he uses together very frequently and those are:  “Thoughts become things.”  he goes on to say “choose the right ones.”  If you just start to monitor your thoughts with the simple- “thoughts become things”, you can start to see which thoughts you want to allow yourself to keep thinking and which ones you want to ditch- and fast!!  You can also notice the thoughts you have and compare those to what is happening right now in your life.

I learned a long time ago from Abraham Hicks that what you are thinking about most of the time, is what will materialize in your life.  It doesn’t mean that we never have a negative, unproductive or unsupportive thought.  It means that when we do, we replace it quickly with a positive, productive or supportive thought.  Spending more time thinking about what we do want than what we don’t or how things are not already perfect.  Start to shift the balance- on purpose.

It’s all about awareness.

Your Foundation

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The 100 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 27:

I heard a great saying today from author (and much more) Kevin Trudeau- “You can only build a building as high as the foundation it is built on can support it.” and this is true of ourselves and our own aspirations.  If we want to reach high, achieve great things in our lives we must start with a strong foundation.

Assess your current foundation with these questions:

1. How is my physical health?  Am I super fit?  Do I have high levels of stamina?

2. How’s my mental health?  Do I have a positive outlook and do I live my day with the feeling of positive expectation?

3.  Do I fill my brain daily with positive, uplifting, motivational reading and audio?

4.  Do I grow my connection with my Higher Power each day?

5.  Am I willing and striving to learn new things each day?

6.  Do I welcome change?

7.  Do I surround myself with positive, supportive people?

After writing down your answers to these questions, ask yourself- for each answer- what could I do to strengthen this part of my foundation?  Write those things down.  Everyone can strengthen their foundations, some areas may already be strong, but there are always ways to move to a stronger place.  The more you strengthen each area, the more you expand your capacity to take on more in your life.  Expand your capabilities, your creativity, your opportunities….

Your foundation is everything.  If you have felt on shaky ground, the first place to check is your foundation.  Strengthening your foundation will expand everything you want in your life in limitless ways!  How will you go to work on yours starting today?



The Week Ahead

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 26:

Today is the day to make your plan for a great week ahead. A great week doesn’t just happen, it is planned for. What are your goals at work this week? What has to happen in order to achieve them? What activities must you do? Put them into your actual schedule as what is not in your schedule, will most likely not happen.

What about the rest of your life? Your exercise plan, personal development/reading? What’s your family goal this week, and how about fun? Where do spiritual pursuits fit in?

For whatever is important to you, have a plan for it this week. The blank slate is in front of you, ready for you to create it. The plan does not have to be long and complicated. Keep it simple and enjoy creating the week you want!

All Good Things!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 25:

One of the ways to make sure you are taking stock of all of the awesome things in your life is to start an All Good Things journal.  It is very simple, and also a good way for people who haven’t journaled or have had a hard time with it.  All you do is keep a journal next to your bed (and a pen) and each night before bed you write down all the good things that have happened that day.  Some days it might be one thing, sometimes you will have a long list!  This practice gives you a way to focus on the good stuff, implant it in your brain before bed (sweeter dreams, I believe!) and what you focus on expands in your life.

I started this type of journal two years ago when I was doing my New Year’s resolutions.  I always believe you should get clear on all of the good and accomplishments from the previous year, as a way to get ready to make the next year’s plan.  To do this, I had to go back through my appointment book and write a list, and wrack my brain to remember all of it.  That was when I started the journal, I now have a running account of each year, and no more need to go back and re-create.

The beauty of a journal like this is that when you have a tough day, you can open the journal and be reminded of all of the good in your life.

I know there are always good things happening in my life, but I had no idea how many really until I started this practice.  I know that you enjoy it, too.  Go find a journal- any notebook will do, and put it near the bed as soon as possible- convenience is key, so let this be a journal that just stays put.

PS- and like other journals where you might write about this, that and the other…..if you forget and leave this journal out where people can read it, you won’t be concerned!


What is it, for you?

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 24:

Here something short, but powerful for you to contemplate over the weekend.

Consider these areas of your life:









Rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 on your level of satisfaction in each area.  (1 is not satisfied at all, 10 is “I’ve got it mastered!”

Now, in each area ask yourself, what would make it a ten- if it is not- and if it is a ten, what would take it beyond a ten?  Write these down.

NOW, ask yourself, what is the one thing in each area that you have been resisting, and maybe even for a VERY long time, that if you just did it once and for all it would change everything for the better in this area?  Write it down.

And now decide what you are going to do about it.

You’ve got the awareness, now take the action!

I love coaching, this is what I do!  I help all kinds of people, in all areas of their lives get clear on what they want, I help them to make a sensible plan to get it, and I hold them accountable to their plan and to what they said they wanted.

You don’t need me to do this exercise and to be successful creating the life you like.  Everyone can do it!

I am here for those of you who want to be pushed to think bigger, be encouraged and supported and to get your butt kicked a little- because I don’t let my clients off the hook!  Plus, I aim to add a huge hunk of fun into all of this, too.

Best Business Actions

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The 100 Day Challenge Day 23:

A few days ago, one of my business clients asked me if I had to give one business must-do action advice to a business person, what would it be?  This is a very hard question and difficult to pick just one, so I decided I will highlight a few over the next week or so.

One action that I think that all business people need to take is to learn how to sell, how to connect/communicate with others. If your job title is sales, you better learn this, if your job title is not sales, you better learn this!   The mastery of selling lies heavily on a person’s ability to ask great questions.  Learning great questions, writing down great questions, and practicing asking great questions.  EVERYONE is in sales, whether your title says so or not.  We all have to be able to get our ideas across and accepted.  We all need to be able to in at least some capacity, work with others and preferably in an enjoyable way.  For those of us who want to be of service in our lives, selling is essential to helping others to also help themselves in many ways.  We need to be able to find out what people want and how to give it to them.

If you want to become better at selling today set up a plan to master questions.  Practice at home with your family- you KNOW there is a ton of selling that goes on there everyday!  Learn about what people want, both by reading about your industry, books and magazines about sales, studying great salespeople and asking a lot of….questions!

I am doing a Lunch and Learn class on Wednesday March 7th at noon est which is a phone tele class entitled Everyone Communicates, Few Connect which is a great John Maxwell program that I do.  Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about it!

Lent 2012

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 22:

Today is Ash Wednesday, and so today is the first day of the Lenten season.  I am not sure exactly how to write this post, so it I hope it will be received in the spirit it is written!  I am no longer a practicing Catholic, though I do participate in a something that has been a treasured ritual for me over many years.  The ritual is what I do from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday- the season of Lent.

If you have read my posts in the past, or search through the almost 500 posts here, you can find scattered throughout my many references to how much I love a fresh start.  Lent represents another one of these fresh starts.  Lent, to me, is cleansing.  A time to take things higher.  Every year I have a plan for Lent.  I use the energy of this season to help me to go to the next level on things that I want to move closer to mastery on.

I can do anything in a period of time spanning February 22- April 8: and you can, too.

I do a combination of things in my Plan for Lent.  I give some things up that require great discipline.  The season is long enough that you can break a habit or take on new ones.  The idea, for me, is the these things be uncomfortable- if they are easy, they don’t belong in this season.  There is strength available to get through the discomfort.

Besides giving things up, I also like to take things on:  things that will fulfill and uplift me during this time.  Things that are in service to others.  Things that will expand my knowledge.

If you don’t participate in Lent with it’s true meaning spiritually- thank you for reading this anyway, and you can still have your ritual that is meaningful for you during this time.  For those of you who are doing it for spiritual reasons/ with spiritual reasons behind it, this time can really be a time of spiritual/mind/body breakthroughs.  Leave the past behind- what you always did as a child, or what your parents always did- and write your own Lenten script.  What is meaningful to you?  What will fulfill you and allow you to do the same for others?  Lent is like a circle in so many ways, to me.

If you are willing and so inclined, please share your Lenten practices, commitments with us here, so that we may all be inspired, learn from you, and maybe decide to join you!



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The 100 Day Challenge Day 21:

One of the highlights of my day today was a birthday party lunch that my friend threw for herself. First of all, I love that she chose to gather good friends to celebrate and not wait for something to happen. She decided how she wanted to celebrate and she made it happen.

One of the fun features of this luncheon, for me, was spending time with women I like and know, women I know a little bit and women I just met today. I noticed the other women feeling the same way. My friend had away of including and mixing together conversation that made everyone comfortable. It was a fun time for everyone and I know some great connections were made!

There were laughs, smiles, champagne, great food and presents. The very best part? Hearing my friend say, as we walk down the street afterward “I just love connecting everyone like that, that was the best!”

It was a treat for her and for us! Who do you know that could benefit from or enjoy connecting with someone else you know?

Progress Equals Happiness

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 20:

I am so excited, to be 20 days into my blogging challenge and I haven’t forgotten yet!  I credit this to actually scheduling in the time I will write the post, which changes quite a bit from day to day.  Doing this challenge for the second time allows me to see the progress I have made since finishing the first challenge.  Progress!  It does make me feel happy!  The last time I did this challenge I remember many a night when I was just about to go to sleep or in one case, I was already sleeping and woke up just in time to write my post under the wire of the stroke of midnight!  Those were not the best times for me to be creative, or even to use spell check correctly!!  Not ideal for writing anything that made sense.

What has really changed in the year and a half in between challenges is that I have taken on new habits, especially in the time management realm.  I have discovered that something simple that I was told many years ago really IS true:  “If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist.”  Mike Ferry  I have learned to put everything, and I mean everything that needs to get done into a time in my schedule.  Doing this challenge for the second time has allowed me to reflect and see how far I have come with things I wasn’t really considering.

I watched OWN last night- Oprah’s network- where she has a show called Second Acts.  Last night’s show was Oprah attending Anthony (Tony) Robbins most popular event called Unleash the Power Within.  They showed one hour of Oprah at the event and culminating with Oprah participating in the firewalk, which is how they always end day one of the program.  The second hour was Oprah interviewing Tony.  I have been a big Tony fan for years, and have memorized most of his quotes, but during the event portion I heard something I had not heard before:

“Progress equals happiness.”  Tony Robbins.

This immediately resonated with me.  When you are moving forward, you will feel good… and happy!  Standing still, he said, is dying.  I have been taught that there is no such thing as standing still- you are either moving forward, or moving backward.

This caused me to think, once again, about the power of weekly (daily) reflection.  If we stop to take the time to reflect on all we have done and are doing, we have the gift of realizing our progress and the happy feelings that come along with that.  Miss that time of reflection, and miss the recognition of your successes and risk discouragement and many other unproductive feelings.

If you find you are not progressing, this deserves great reflection, too, and you might want to ask yourself some questions.  (That is what a great coach will do, too!)

Today, decide what you want to do to progress in your business, with your health, with your family, with whatever is important to you. What are they?  Write them down.  Write the actions you will take for the week into your schedule, be specific with the time.  Then on Sunday, take a look back at what you did and enjoy basking in the glow of your progress!  Repeat….


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