End of the Month- already?

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The month end,  though seemingly so far away on the first of the month, seems to sneak up right up! How often do we hear- where did the month go? I notice that the more on purpose a person is, the less I hear this from them. Considering all of this,   I was just putting together a few thoughts to end a month on a strong note, and thought I would share them here.

To start with,  give your goals for the month a good strong look- what do you still want to accomplish?- ask yourself:  If I only completed one thing in the last few days of the month, what would make the most positive impact on my life and/or my business?  Make a plan to do that one thing- write it out, and plan the time to do it into your calendar.

Review and make a list of all of the things you did accomplish this month.  Recognizing the good in what you have done will give you great energy to work on the rest.

Look at what is still left undone.   Are these things still important?   If not, drop them from your plan.  If they are still important ask yourself:   What stopped your from getting them done this month?  How can you get past those obstacles as you move forward into the next month?

What are your aha’s for the month?  Darren Hardy (www.thecompoundeffect.com) talks about reflecting on your aha’s as a way to learn from your actions, lack of actions, successes and failures in a positive way.  This is not a beat yourself up session.  Reflection is necessary in order to correct course if needed, to figure out new approaches, and to allow you to build on what is already working.

I would encourage everyone to carve out even an hour per week in a designated place- John Maxwell gave me the idea of having a thinking chair, so I have one and this is where I go- to just think, review your goals, create new plans, thoughts, ideas.  It will be one of the greatest and most important gifts you will give to yourself.  You will see how you start to reach your goals at a higher level when you get this habit in place.  Beware, it is addicting, though, and you may find yourself wanting to spend an hour a day in your thinking chair- or location of choice!

Me sitting in John Maxwell's thinking chair- Palm Beach, FL, August 2011

Me sitting in John Maxwell's thinking chair- Palm Beach, FL, August 2011


How will you finish the month strong?  Have fun thinking about it!  AND then take action to make it happen!

Thinking Ahead

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This year is off to a fun, challenge filled and energizing start. Everywhere I go I am experiencing people who are up to big things in 2012! People are doing things they have only ever thought of doing and are collaborating and teaming up with new and different groups which is bringing about a whole new level of ideas. Recently when having coffee with a real go getter I agreed to another challenge. I told her the story of my 100 day blogging challenge (see archives) and by the end of the story we had agreed to do one together- starting February 1st.

As I looked at our ending date- May 10th- I realized that a ten day April vacation happens along the way. Do I want to blog on vacation? Maybe we can do a 75 day challenge- that’s still great, right? I start to think of the logistics- I have plenty of reasons not to do it. And then I think: think ahead!!

And then I remember my under-utilized iPad! How simple, how easy.

And I think about how inspired and uplifted I feel on vacation and how some quick blog posts might really capture that.

I have never blogged on my iPad, so here I am- it works- what do you know, pretty easy once I remembered my stored password! Thinking ahead, I have now tested it out. Now I know it is easy and can put my unsupportive thoughts aside and just once again get back to thinking about how much fun the challenge will be this time doing it along with someone else.

How many times do we get stuck in what looks not-doable in the moment instead of thinking ahead to how it could actually work? Test it out if you need to. Do what you need to to assure yourself that you can follow through with your commitments. You will always be glad you did.
I have always been taught: prepare prepare prepare!!

How else could the idea of thinking ahead at a higher level serve you in 2012?

Happy New Year 2012!

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My new year is starting out in a really exciting way- I planned it that way!  I made a decision in December about how I wanted the beginning of the new year to look for me and now it is in motion.  One of the things I love most is having the opportunity to appear on the radio and tv to share great thoughts, encouragement and information that can help people to live a more successful, enjoyable, healthy, and just plain wonderful lives- by their definition. 

Being that it was the beginning of a new year, the theme of all of these appearances has been the same- starting a new year right, setting resolutions and how to be successful with them.  This year, I have noticed a lot of focus on reality- that it is easy to start, and harder to keep going, especially for the full year.  Though the appearances have all been a little different, some of the same points have come up over and over again.  I have also heard from many people which points have made the most impact for them.  I want to share those with you in today’s post, in no particular order.

1. You MUST get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Change brings discomfort, it is just a part of the game- look at the discomfort as a sign that you are on the right track!  Decide to keep going through the discomfort- you will get the reward!  Running into an obstacle or discomfort is the main reason people give up on their goals.

2.  If you get off track, and everyone does, get right back on track again.  You can have a fresh start any day.  Getting off track is no reason to trash you goal.  Don’t beat yourself up, just assess what caused you to get off track so that you can get through it the next time it comes up. 

3.  Get accountabilty.  Going it along is MUCH harder- find someone who has your best interests at heart and wants to see you succeed to hold you accountable to what you said you wanted to do.  It can be a friend, co-worker, child, coach, etc.  Finding like minded people with similar goals to spend time with is extremely helpful!  Ask for help- successful people always have people who have helped them to reach their goals.

4.   Check out www.thecompoundeffect.com and learn about the impact your choices have.  Learn to keep the big picture in mind, your end result and all the good it represents, while placing the high importance every choice you make all day long.  The little choices will be the reason you succeed- or don’t.

5.  Clean up your environments to allow clarity, and to regain a lot of energy you are losing through clutter and disorganization.  Your home, your office, your car and the people you spend time with are all examples of environments you have in your life.

6.  Fill your head with positive, uplifting, motivational, and inspiring “stuff” each day.  Try an experiment for 90 days- give up negative news and read great books instead.  Biographies are a great genre for this- read about people who have overcome obstacles and learn from them.  Listen to inspiring and motivational recordings in the car.  Success magazine is one of my favorite things to suggest as it is filled with great information and contains a cd for the car each month with interviews of great thinkers- expand your mind in 2012.

7.  Laugh!  Keeping your eye on the light side of things, seeking out humor in funny books, radio shows, telling jokes, and watching humorous movies.  Hang around funny friends that make you laugh.  Laughing brings more and better energy and let’s face it, if you are laughing, you are having fun!

8.  Review your (written) goals each morning when you get up and before you go to bed.  Keeping focused on what you want everyday is the key.  Plan your actions for the day based on what you said you wanted- the quality of your choices will determine your outcome.

My best to you for a spectacular and sparkling 2012!  It is going to be a great year!