Happiness 2

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One of the things I am learning and also experiencing is that happiness is a mindset. You CAN actually will yourself into a happy mood. Recalling happy times and thoughts when you are down, thinking about exciting plans or work, thinking about people who you love and enjoy CAN change the way you feel. The tough part is making yourself do it-which is the hardest when you feel the least happy. It seems easier to stay unhappy than to summon the energy to think “happy”! Anyone notice this?

I suggest to my clients to keep lists of good things so that when it is hardest to think them up, you have something written that you can pull out.
Short post today- more to come on my happiness study! Any comments, thoughts, ideas are welcome!

Summer of Happiness!

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Living with myself all these years (lots of introspection) and having the delightful opportunity to work with hundreds of coaching clients has led me to a real curiousity about happiness.  There is a lot of information out there- I had a dozen (unread) books in my own library with happiness in the title.  I decided to do a little summer study on the subject and will share my thoughts and insights through my blog over the next two months.

Starting out- one thing I can say for sure having researched nothing at this point,  is that sunlight helps the level of satisfaction and positive feelings I have and may likely do the same for you.  (There are many scientific studies that have been done- vitamin D, etc.  I am not going into the details in this post.)  Living in Vermont where sunlight is scarce much of the year, and where it seems we have just hit our summer stride mid July- I and my friends, family, clients are all a great test group.  It is pretty apparent- if the sun is shining most people feel better.  Getting out in sunlight on purpose for at least 15 minutes a day can make you feel better.  If you are out in sunlight and exercising- whoa watch out- the endorphin and sunlight double whammy will have you on top of the world!  Try it! 

More to come…………………