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Today is March 31st- the last day of the month, the last day of the quarter- tomorrow is a symbolic new beginning. A fresh start in so many ways!  If you had plans and goals for the first part of the year, this is the time to reflect upon them.  This month, in particular, for anyone who joined me in my Personal March Madness activities, has been challenging

As I finish the month and do my reflection, one of the highest values I see will support me the most right now is that of patience.  The idea of patience has come up a lot this month as several clients have pulled out this value in their sessions.  I have learned to examine if something comes up for clients, whether or not it may also be for me, too.  I especially start to take note when it comes up several times in a row.  This is what happened to me this month with patience.  AND then I start seeing it in emails including one that just arrived from John Maxwell entitled: Patience!

So, do you think you are a patient person?   Check yourself against the definitions.

The definitions of patience is very interesting to me. (and I am sure there are more)

1.  The bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune or pain without complaint, loss of temper or irritation.

2. Quiet, steady perseverance, diligence.

3. Abilityto suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

How many times do things and people get in our way and we complain, we get annoyed.  We lose our focus, or start to doubt, noisily decide to quit- which throws definition #2 right out the window.  How often do we get hung up not forgiving, thereby stealing our own energy, rising to bait, or getting restless which causes us then to make poor choices and decisions? 

Still think you are patient?  I know I have taken a hard look at it and realized I may have a level of patience by MY definition, but when I study the true meaning of the word, I have a few notches I can take it up.

I am working on big goals right now, patience allows me to pace myself and not to get discouraged.  Patience allows me to focus on the big picture and even to stay in the wonder of what new opportunities, people or experiences might show up to guide me- so that I don’t need to feel the need to have it all figured out- which can make me feel restless.  Patience allows me to look at setbacks for what I can learn and to identify all of it as a process- not one thing being the be-all end-all.

And for the leaders out there (by the way that is YOU) John Maxwell made a great point in his Maxwell’s Minute on patience- we want to win and as leaders we want to help others to be winning right along with us- it’s no fun to cross the finish line alone- who would you celebrate with?  Patience is involved here as we sometimes have to “wait up” for people as not all people who will be following us will keep the same pace that we do.  Interesting angle to consider.

Coaching questions:

Where do you use patience as a strength in your life?

Where could you employ the true meanings of patience in your life and goals/challenges right now?  (Be specific and write them down.)

Your Own Cinderella Story

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Personal March Madness, Day 8:  I was just reading an article in Unity Magazine by Rev. Jim Gaither called Create Your Own Cinderella Story.   It has inspired me to write this post as it fits in so nicely with the March Madness theme!  In his article he speaks of several people who have in their lives been thrown huge curve balls, things looked as bad as they could get- and by sheer persistence and belief in something better they accomplished things that looked impossible.   He speaks of resilience and taking matters into your own hands- to create your Cinderella story. 

What will it be for you?  We hear about Cinderella stories each year during the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament (like my fav Butler last year).  The underdog that seemingly against all odds, wins big!

Your Personal March Madness (see post from March 1st) is your choosing.  It is also your choosing to be like rubber and bounce back fast when you get off track, it is also your choosing to believe in the face of no proof what so ever, that you can stick with your plan and reach your goals and dreams. 

It is your choice to listen to certain people and not others, it is your choice what you watch, read, and think about. (and don’t watch, read, and think about)  It is your choice to be consistent in your actions day in day out, even (and especially) when it gets boring.  It is your choice to do the things others will not do in order to achieve the life and business you want to live.

It is your choice who you let lead you, who you learn from.  And biggest of all- it is your choice to make your own decisions, to learn to listen to your intuition and to act on it.

Ultimately, it is your choice to take action- whether the action turns out to be the right one or not is not the issue- without taking massive action, your Personal March Madness and your Cinderella Story will just wind up another thought- a good thought- that you once had that went nowhere.  Is that what you want?

A book suggestion for this month that can really help you to see your plan through, and the importance of daily and consistent action:  The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  Order it today!

Your Personal March Madness

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March Madness, Day 1:  What is your personal March Madness?  It is whatever you decide it is!  You have 31 fabulous days to create new habits, replace bad ones, learn and study something new, expand your business, devote more time to a hobby or pursuit which you love, change eating habits, get in shape for spring and beyond, and increase your level of over-all greatness! 

You write the rules- even I, a person who does not like rules all that much, loves writing my own rules- it is very empowering.  Write your rules, put them into your planner, write them out everynight for the next day.

Tell yourself, remind yourself- this is only for 31 days of March.  If you want to go back to your old ways April 1st you can.  You can do anything for 31 days.  This is really a trick for your mind because truly, if you stick to something for 31 days it is more than enough time to make a lasting change.

Once you have devised your rules (think mental, spiritual, physical, family, social, community, business, financial) then close your eyes for a moment.  Picture yourself on March 31 when you have followed your game plan (your rules) for the entire month.  What do you look like?  What is your attitude?  How do you feel?  What is now happening as a result in your life?  Keep this picture- spend time during each of the 31 days visualizing this.  Get excited about what you see- bring the feeling of excitement up to nearly bursting when you do.

Have fun making your rules.  They can be about anything that moves you closer to your goals.  You can have a few rules, or a bunch of them- it is all up to you!  Just like following through and getting the results- it’s all up to you!