What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

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I am the first one to believe in miracles, divine works and grace- I just want to say that before I write any further!
Saint Patrick’s Day brings visions of luck and Leprauchauns and the proverbial pot of gold! A few weeks ago my son and I saw a full rainbow- one where we could see where both the beginning and the end were. It was beautiful! Immediately he wanted to go look for the pot of gold.
6 year olds have it right. He knew we weren’t going to find the pot of gold just standing there- we needed action. Yes, finding the pot of gold would be lucky, but it would take work to get to it.
When I was growing up I always kept my lucky charm with me. I was pretty much convinced that if I didn’t have it with me, things were not going to work out well for me. I was relying on luck- good luck to make things happen.
What is luck, anyway? My favorite coaching tool, the dictionary, defines it this way: the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping events or opportunities. Luck leads us to believe that events and circumstances are out of our control.
So go ahead and believe in luck, I still do on some levels, but give luck a chance to happen. You can’t be lucky when you don’t take action. Even making a little move can set off a chain reaction of events that can look like luck, but at the root of it was the action you took. That action took on momentum strengthened by your believe and ta-da!
I know why my lucky charm seemed to work- it helped me to BELIEVE in a positive outcome- the one I wanted. It works when you do something to help it to work. Give your good luck the chance to happen- make a decision, make a plan, follow through and believe the whole time- good luck will track you down

Bursting Forward

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Several of my clients this past week were feeling some anxiety and “stuckness” and were initially unable to zero in on what was at the root of it.  When I am Power Coaching a client I use left brain and right brain questions to help them get answers that will help them to move forward.  Certain questions helped them this week, a couple of them went like this:

“Can you remember a time in the past when everything was going great and/or this situation or feeling was not an issue?”  In the case of my clients this week, they were able to identify times when these situations were great, or the situation was not occurring.

Then I asked “What were you doing differently and/or what was happening in your life that is different from today?”  Instantly they were able to identify how things were different then, from attitudes, work, people, age and more.  Once they accessed that information they were able to see areas to focus on to move forward and make a plan to start turning things around.

Interestingly, not just one client realized that what was clearly different was their level of involvement in caring for others, community involvement or both.  Maybe they had kids to focus on then, but the kids have since left the house and that space has not been re-filled with something meaningful.  This happens a lot for people who are really involved in their kids lives– having kids around automatically gets you out into the community.  And taking care of kids in general has such meaning to it.  Maybe there was an ill loved one that was being cared for, or there was a big involvement in a non-profit or other meaningful outlet for time and energy.  Whichever it was for them, they quickly realized that they had begun to focus too much on their own lives and and everything had become centered on them.  They were no longer giving to those around them and to the community.  Absence of giving can leave a hole in your life.

  Another interesting aspect I notice with those who are not giving (and these are perfectly wonderful, nice people mind you) is that they are not receiving either.  Not allowing the gifts that others would like to provide to them.  They say no to everything from someone trying to help them with their groceries to someone wanting to buy their dinner.

Giving and receiving are a circle, one as necessary to the other.  If you are feeling out of balance you can take a look for yourself- How often are you allowing others to give to you?  How often are you giving of yourself, your time to someone/something outside of yourself?

What’s your plan?  In the next week notice how many times people offer to do something for you- and play a game- say yes to every one of them.  Also, notice opportunities to help others- you know that little voice inside your head, listen to it and act.

As always, I am thankful to my clients for inspiring me!

PS- If you want to hold the door for me, or buy me lunch, I am willing to say yes!

The Shift

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I have named this March- Make-Over March!  I got so excited when March first was a Monday that it just seemed to be a perfect time for refreshing some parts of my life.  Of course, I know that when I refresh some parts of my life, all of the other parts benefit, as well.  (and all of the people in those parts)

I started with my eating.  I still hadn’t left the sugar habit I started during the holidays completely behind and had just been feeling a little bit off in what I had been eating.  My guide is Kathy Freston’s book Quantum Wellness.  I like her approach as it address more than just the food you eat- it is about wellness for your whole self.  Another things I like is that it is for everyone- even if you are doing well, you can easily see how to take things to an even greater level- and she helps you to see why you would want to, in a way that you can understand!

I also decided that I wanted to raise the level and amount of great “stuff” I am putting into my head each day- reading, watching, listening to everything that keeps my mindset in a powerful place and stretches me.  Making over my brain in March means learning some new things, and thinking some new thoughts.  I have had this movie by Dr. Wayne Dyer hanging around my house for many months- it is called The Shift.  I finally decided to watch it- and would now suggest it to anyone interested in looking at their life in a new way.  One of the quotes from the move that I love is “you are always only a thought away from changing your life.”   It takes a shift in how you look at things to bring about great things!

A make-over doesn’t have to be about huge things- it can be the little shifts the make the biggest impact.  You can choose to make lots of changes at once, or just one.  My big idea is to have fun with it all, be light hearted- you will fall back, just start moving again.  Just the idea that you have the intention and are taking action is exciting in itself!  Trust and believe in the process and be open to what happens next!