End of the Month

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I woke up this morning realizing that the end of the first month of this new year/decade is already upon us!  Wow!  Where did this month go? 

I started the month with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the new year.  I am reminded now how quickly a month and year can go.  If you are feeling like me, and want to feel like you are staying on purpose each week of the year, here’s an idea.

Each Sunday night when you are planning out your week- I guess that is my first suggestion- take a look at your goals.  Look at all of the area of your life and the actions you were going to take to move forward on your goals in those areas.  Pick at least one action in each area and actually schedule it into a time slot during the week- like an appointment.  Whether it is a simple email or phone call, or something bigger like a meeting or a part of a project- just find something that moves your goal forward. 

During the week, stick to your plan and follow through with what you have written in your appointment book or calendar.

Doing this week after week will assure that your goals move forward and that you will have that feeling of constant alignment with your highest values and priorities.  It’s a great feeling!

10 Life Skills

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I’ve been purging and cleaning the piles of great ideas in my office so that I can gain clarity and increased focus moving into the new year!  The piles grow higher throughout the year as I save things that I would like to use or that uplift me.  This at some point becomes a distraction and I decide to take action and clean out the closet.

Though I found many great articles and ideas, there was one simple list written out on a a piece of note paper that fell out of the pile.  I don’t know where I read it, or how I came to write it down- this paper is several years old.  I want to share that list with you as it brought me back to the core of many of the goals that are important to me in this new year.  (and reminded me of a few I had forgotten)    Here’s the list:

10 Life Skills to Use, Have and Improve

1.  Listening

2. Giving Compliments

3.  Accepting Compliments

4. Thinking Positive

5. Saying “No”

6. Laughing

7. Planning

8. Asking Questions

9. Reading

10. Exercising

Talk about clarity!  What skills would you like to use, have and improve on this year?  Adopt this list, or devise your own!

New Beginnings!

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I love new beginnings!   We now have a fresh year in front of us and if you didn’t write your resolutions yet,  it’s okay!  I just read that people that set their goals and resolutions within the first two weeks of the year have an 80% failure rate.  The reasoning for this is that they are still focusing on what didn’t go right last year and are discouraged by it.

This is another great reason to do the year review (see the blog post previous to this one) as this allows you to come from such a powerful and positive place.

I am renewed with the anticipation of all of the exciting things this year can bring. 

 One of my resolutions is to stay in the wonder of what is unfolding- to not have to know everything, control everything or have all of the answers.  To just stay strong in my faith and to trust that everything is happening as it should.  I intend to remain strong in my belief that as I take actions every day that move me in the direction that I want to go that grace and divine guidance are my automatic partners along the way.  My prayer each day is that God bring me the opportunities that are perfect for me and that I have the wisdom, clarity, and the attention to notice them when they come!

If this is also what you want, I wish the same for you and all of the blessings that come with it.

Review Your Year- 2009

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The new year has arrived!  There is hope and possibility in the air of,  not only a new year, but a fresh new decade to create.

But before you totally close the book on 2009, take the time to review your year.  Admittedly, 2009 was a tough year for many.  It has been filled with challenges of all kinds.  When speaking about the New Year, I have heard many of my friends using the phrase “good riddance’. 

I am going to challenge you here.  Review your year and make note of all the good stuff.  Even look into the not so good stuff and find something good- something you learned, something that happened that was good because of  or in the midst of your challenges.  Now really look for all of the good things. Write them all down.  Writing new resolutions can sometimes be negative because all we end up focusing on are the things we didn’t follow through on last year.  When you review your year prior to this, you are paving a much clearer, positive way for creating the year you want to have in 2010.

Look back through your appointment book or PDA.  Remember all of the great times you spent with friends, volunteered, helped someone, successful meetings, all of your successes- of all sizes, opportunities you saw and acted on, things you did to take care of yourself, time with your kids/family, trips you took, things you learned, books you read- all of the things you did right.

It is so easy for us to be beating ourselves up about what we didn’t do, and to focus on all of the things that have gone wrong.   Today spend the day thinking about all you have done well in the past year, and use that as the powerful foundation for writing your new resolutions.  And make a resolution to keep your mind this year- oh at least 80% of the time- on what you are doing well and what is going well, and to stop beating yourself up so much!

Happy New Year to all!  2010 holds all of the blessings you desire- your part it to make sure to be looking for them and acting on them!