Let the Spirits Move You!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 76:

Today is Halloween and excitement is in the air! It is pretty fun having a 6 year old to hang around on Halloween. Remember when you were 6 and getting ready for trick or treating?

Whatever your Halloween plans are, try looking at your night through the eyes and with the heart of a 6 year old. Everything is magical, anything can happen and the idea of getting scared- but not too scared!- is a thrill!! Live in the moment and just enjoy yourself, hold someone’s hand, and be safe. Oh, and eat lots of candy- it is one day that it is totally acceptable!!

So, those are the fun and happy things about my Halloween. This year, while having fun with my 6 year old, I am at a crossroad with my 12 year old. For the first time ever, she is not trick or treating with us, but with her friend in a different neighborhood. This is sad for me, it is the first part of letting go and I don’t like it! Even worse, it doesn’t seem to bother her at all! It is a sign of things to come and I am mourning it already.

Even harder is the fact that our friends who have spent every Halloween with us for 12 years have kids who are now wanting to spend Halloween with their friends, too, so they aren’t here either. Things are changing.

Just when I am being bummed out, though, our old friend stops on her way to her new party location with some yummy pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies and makes my night! She was thinking of us and our tradition. We made plans to see each other this week, so things are different, but still delicious! And my other friend is going to stop by later- she is the one old stand by in our Halloween tradition of 12 years- thank goodness for Kathy- I still have someone to watch the spooky movie with!

Happy Halloween!


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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 75:

Today I hit the 3/4 of the way mark in my 100 day challenge to post on my blog everyday- day 75! Talk about being loyal to something! Dedication also comes to mind, as well as many other things. It is very exciting to hear from the other challenge participants how they are doing and the feeling of our combined energy getting there together is amazing!

So today I shuffled up my values cards and chose randomly- what value should I write about in my blog today? Out popped loyalty.

Loyalty: A feeling of faithfulness or allegiance.

We get loyal to lots of things- family and friends, teams we love to support (go Phillies!), traditions, our hairstylist (even our hairstyle!), products we buy, and every other type of service we use.

How often do you stop to think about the things you are loyal to? Why are you loyal to them, or does it still make sense to remain loyal?

Where are you loyal and maybe haven’t been showing your loyalty as strongly as you could be?

Let’s take this one step further because it is really easy to see all of the things outside of ourselves that we are loyal to.

Ask yourself these questions:

How loyal are you to your own ideas and values? To your hopes and dreams? Do you let others sway you away from what is important to you? How easy is it to be talked into or out of something even when you feel it is important or even when you will be out of integrity?

Take a little assessment this weekend- figure out where your loyalties are and where they still make sense. Figure out how to politely remove the ones that don’t. Then look at where you can be more loyal to yourself and make a plan to start doing it right away.

Show Up!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 74:

I had a great conversation with a client today, and it also came up with a colleague yesterday. The topic seems to be coming up a lot. It’s about showing up.

When you show up, something can happen- it’s the foundation to everything. Don’t show up, nothing happens, show up- anything is possible.

Showing up is certainly physical- like going to something, just being there is showing up. If you are not there, you miss “it”. Showing up physically also encompasses how you look- are you showing up looking the “part”?

Showing up is also mental. You can be there physically, and if you don’t show up mentally in the right mindset, you will also miss “it”. What are you thinking about? What are your expectations? Have you done your homework? Are you prepared? How’s your attitude?

You can show up mentally and physically and add the layer of showing up with an intentional spirit and put the whole package together. This is where you are really shining! This is where you get it, and things happen- GREAT things!

Connection with Others

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 73:

This week has been networking central for me! I have been at several events/conferences and it is only Wednesday. You can tell who the people are that are good at the networking game- they are the ones you see over and over again at each event. They are also the ones out there looking to learn more by being in connection with others.

One of my beliefs is that we are all here on Earth to connect with one another. Some of you might think- well, duh! While others might take a different view. Why would there be so many of us if we were meant to be isolated and alone?

So, if you buy into my belief, or even if you don’t, think about these things:

What have you gained in the past by working or joining in with others- both in your work and your life as a whole?

What areas of your life have been missing connection with others? How could you re-connect in those areas?

What events, conferences, or groups have you been ignoring that could really enhance what you are working on accomplishing?

With all of the networking and connecting I have been doing this year, I have really been able to establish some great new relationships, renew some old and cherished relationships, and I have begun to collaborate with others in businesses where we all benefit. Working with others brings fresh energy and higher level ideas.

Who is in your network that you want to re-connect with? Call or email or send a Facebook message- now! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make a plan to get with them as soon as within the next week!

Your Powerful Words

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 72:

How much thought have you given to the words coming out of your mouth today?

I heard Joyce Meyer say something this morning that really made an impact on me- she said something like spoken words are spiritual- they are unseen and full of power. You can certainly see the results of the unseen words. Words have impact- both good and bad.

So, are your words building people up, or tearing them down?

What impact are your words having on yourself?

Try an experiment for the rest of the week- be conscious of what you are saying and how you are saying it and ask yourself the two questions from above- OFTEN!

Notice what you are saying, what is happening in your life right now and the connection between the two.

At the end of the week see what you have learned and take action on it. Happy speaking!

Innovation Inspiration

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 71:

Innovation- something new or different introduced, introduction of new things or methods.

Related words- invention, conception, design, creation.

Innovation is just one of those words that attracts people. It is cool and hopeful, promising and filled with energy. That would also describe the Innovation Career Jam 3.0 held today at the Sheraton, Burlington.

Cool speakers- owners and creators of innovative companies doing new things, lots of students- how lucky they were to be there!- and out of the box thinkers abounding! People willing to look at things in a whole new way.

That’s one of the things I love about my coaching business- everyday I get to work with great people who are willing to challenge their old ways of thinking and to re-create themselves, their businesses and their habits. It takes courage to do such things.

How can you take your business to the next level by just looking at things in a different way? What could be more innovative about what you are doing? What new ideas or thoughts could you bravely introduce?

Where would you like to be innovative in your life? Many of the companies I heard about today started with one or two people- many have grow to hundreds and more- and are thriving in today’s economy. These successful businesses have been willing to take a risk, challenge old ways, and be flexible and adaptable to keep the lead in their fields.

How about a life innovation overhaul?? Taking everything in your life to the next level. What would you have to do in order to make that happen? What would your life look like if you did it?

Are you inspired yet?

Get Ready!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 70:

It’s Sunday when I am writing this, but you can apply the information any day that you read this.

It is Sunday afternoon- are you ready for a great week? When, before this day is done, can you take 20-30 minutes to plan out your week? What can you do to get ready for having your best week? You can plan ahead.

If you want to have your best week ever, make sure to consider your whole life in your planning.

First, your health. How many times will you exercise, what will you do and when? What are your eating goals for the week? Are they in writing? What else could you do this week to enhance your health?

How about your finances? Do you need to balance your check book this week, or make a spending plan for November- before it gets here? What can you do to make your financial self stronger this week? Do you need to meet with someone that you have been putting off?

How about your mental/intellectual self? What would you like to read this week? Is there a class you have been meaning to sign up for?

Spiritually, what would make this a great week? What will you take part in to fulfill this?

What friends would you like to see, or talk to this week? What social events would you like to attend or make plans to attend in the near future?

How clear are your business goals for the week? Exactly what would you like to accomplish?

AND last, but not least- what family obligations do you have this week? What new commitments would you like to make, what time and activities would you like to make happen with family members this week? What have you been putting off, or been wanting to do that hasn’t happened?

When you take the whole life approach to planning your week, and follow through- even most of the way- you are sure to be feeling good- both along the way, and when you complete the week. Make this a habit and the weeks turn into great months and then before you know it, you’ve had an awesome year!

Get ready to have a GREAT week!

Be Nice- To Yourself!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 69:

A client of mine and I were having a great conversation this week. We were talking about how it can be hard work to stay up, keep pushing ahead, and over-all keep excited about things day in and day out.

This is normal for anyone in pursuit of the life and work they love. It is hard, this is normal.

We talked about how when you are having one of those tougher days, it can be harder than ever to do the things that can most help you feel better. Sometimes we just need to wallow in it- but pay attention- it may just be a call to pamper and take care of yourself for a day. Instead of beating up on yourself for having “one of those days”, look at it as a day to take extra good care of yourself.

Ask yourself “what would help the most?”
Do I need a mental health break? Maybe I need to read something that is just fun, watch something funny or call a funny friend and forget about my work or what has you feeling off for a little while- maybe even the whole day.

Maybe I am just feeling a lot of tension physically and I need to get outside and move, get a massage, or pamper myself physically.

Maybe I need some spiritual uplifting, so I can spend some extra time in meditation, reading the Bible or something spiritual that uplifts me, or I can talk to someone who can help me to get back in touch with my spirit.

Maybe it’s all three! It could be, if you have been ignoring the signs for too long.

Listen to yourself. It’s okay to have an off day- we all do- so tend to yourself on that day, so the off day doesn’t have to turn into off days!

Are You Charming?

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 68:

Charisma: a personal magnetism that enables an individual to attract or influence people.
Charm: a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty.

When was the last time you thought about those words? How do they apply to you and your life? I have written the dictionary definitions above, but what do these words mean to you personally?

Personal attractiveness has A LOT to do with how effective you are in life and business. Charm and Charisma are central to your level of personal attractiveness.

Yes, it has something to do with how you look, but it has much more to do with who you are, the energy you have and show, your attitude- really how you show up in the world.

One of the most important parts of personal attractiveness is authenticity. For instance- Do you like people? If you do, they will feel that about you right away. If you really aren’t that excited about others- they will know that, too, even if you think you are a great actor- your energy, authenticity, speaks louder than words.

Are you the kind of person others want to be around? I was on a conference call yesterday with a great business coach, Daniel Harkavay, and he made the point again that if you are going to anything worth doing, you are going to need a team around you- you have to realize that everyone has merit and everyone has a story (that is important to them).

Are you the kind of person YOU would want to be around? Take a good look. What are the reasons people would follow you? Why would they decide to buy into your mission, join you in a project, do business with you, or support you in some way? How do others benefit from being around you and from working with you? Does your style repel people or draw them in?

These questions and thoughts are especially crucial if you are leader- which really we know we all are. (read yesterday’s blog post).

Be the kind of person that people want to be around and you will have people around and plenty of chances to connect with and collaborate with others.

So I ask you- are you charming?

You Are In the Lead!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 67:

I like the idea that Robin Sharma expresses- you can be a leader in your life, no matter who you are or what you are doing- he calls it leading without a title. It calls to mind all of the times you are being watched, followed by others in your life- kids, co-workers, fellow commitee members, other parents, friends- you name it- may all be looking at you and the example you are setting for them in many areas. This could be serious- whether we like it or not, this is occurring. If we decide to take it seriously, we can consiously lift ourselves to higher standards in how we live our lives.

What kind of leader without a title you are also becomes evident when no one is looking. What do you do when no one can see you? Do you still hold up the standards you show to people our in the world?

Something to think about:
Who are you leading? Think especially of the ones who are not obvious? Who’s watching you that you haven’t been thinking about? Where would you like to create new standards for yourself and for those whom you are leading?

For more cool ideas from Robin Sharma, I encourage you to check out one of his many great books: The Greatness Guide.

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