The Power Within

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 45:

I want to remind you (and if you are reading this, you were meant to read this and it is for you) that you are a powerful person capable of creating what you want in your life. 

What would you like to have present in your life that you have not yet brought in?

Look at the 7 areas of your life:








Where are you on a scale from 1-10 (10 being- I am living my dream) in each area?  If you are not a 10 in any area ask yourself- what would make it a 10?  Write down your ideas in each area.  These ideas give you a place to start in creating the life you love.  Tap into the power within you to give you the strength, creativity and belief.  Ask God (or your word for God) to help you, give you wisdom and strengthen you.

In coaching with my clients we identify these things and work together to make them happen.

I am going to be offering  a powerful day long program at the beginning of January called Your Day of Transformation- this program will help you to set yourself up for the best year of your life yet- 2010- Your Year of Transformation.  We will be looking at all the areas of your life and you will create an exciting plan to take your life- your whole life- to the next level.  Let me know if you are interested in knowing more about this program!

Banishing the Negative

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 44:

I have mentioned in many blog postings the idea of keeping yourself in a positive place.  We live in a time where we are surrounded, if not bombarded with all things negative.  It can get hard and discouraging at times to combat all of it.  How do we do it?

One of the first things we can do is to stop fighting against it and just start working on our reactions to negative input.  We can’t avoid it, but we can take control over what we do with the information or circumstances. 

Or maybe we can avoid it a little bit, at least.  Take a look at your life.  Where are you getting the most negative input?  Is it from certain people?  Is it from certain places you go, or things you are involved in?  Is it the tv shows and news you watch/listen to?  Is it the newspapers and magazines you continuously read?  You can start to see that if you CHOOSE to limit some of these things, you can.  You do have control over a lot of it, you have just been allowing it up until now.

Limiting or just plain avoiding are a great place to start.  Want to be powerful?  Replace those things with something better- watch or read something uplifting- maybe give up the news altogether,  listen to positive music instead of stuff that gets you wound up in an unproductive way, hang out with people who are uplifting… get the idea.

Now what about you?  What part have you been playing?  How uplifting are you to be around?  We tend to attract what we are putting out there.  What changes do you need to make personally?  What are you focused on most of the time?- because whatever it is, you are sure to get more of it.

Make a decision today about one thing you will change about your environment or your habits that will start you on the path to banishing negative forces from your life.  Tell a bunch of people about it so that they can hold you accountable.

AND don’t beat up on yourself when you don’t do it perfectly- you are changing habits that have most likely been hanging around a long time.  Keep positive and understanding with yourself- then you will be able to give it to others, too.

Keep Moving Forward

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 43:

One of my favorite movies in recent years is called Meet the Robinson’s.  I love having young kids for many reasons, one being that I watch kid movies with them- movies that I am sure I would not watch otherwise.  I would really be missing out because these so-called kids movies, I think, are really for the adults. 

This is the case with Meet the Robinson’s.  As any of my past coaching clients can tell you, one of my favorite phrases is “keep moving forward”.  It came from this movie.  I probably said it before, but the movie just gave such a good example of it, that I have used it over and over again.  I have assigned many an adult homework to watch it by their next coaching session.

I love the phrase “keep moving forward” because it implies action, movement and a lack of stuck-ness.  You can’t be stuck and moving forward at the same time.  When you are stuck, just making one decision and acting on it can get you unstuck.  As Tony Robbins has said “life is like a dot to dot”- you just keep connecting the dots and they lead you somewhere. If you stayed on one dot, what kind of a picture would you create?

So feel free to steal my mantra- KEEP MOVING FORWARD- to remind yourself to not only be making decisions, but taking action on them as well.

I am not going to tell you what happens in Meet the Robinson’s because I am going to give you the homework, too- go out and rent the movie as soon as you can this week.  Watch the whole thing because the ending really sums it all up.  It is a great movie for EVERYONE to watch.  If you’ve seen it before, watch it again to remind yourself.  Have fun moving forward!

More Signs

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 42:

If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s blog posting, please do as it connects to today’s message.

Yesterday I wrote about looking for signs and getting through obstacles.  I would like to point out another angle on those thoughts.  When you are determined, working toward your goal, moving through obstacles with good intention and things still don’t seem to materialize, this is also a sign to pay attention to.  Whenever you are trying to use force, manipulation, or control of any kind to make something work- chances are you are barking up the wrong tree.

It doesn’t mean you weren’t meant to reach that goal, it just means that maybe it is time to try a new strategy or come up with a re-invention of your goal.  Even though reaching your dreams is hard work, it should still be enjoyable and filled with passion most of the time.  Remember, the only actions you can control are your own.  The only thoughts and beliefs you can control are your own.  If you feel like you have been hitting a brick wall and despite your best efforts are having difficulty moving forward check to see if  you have been employing force, manipulation or control in the situation.

I also want to mention looking for signs from your past.  I don’t suggest the past to dreg up old dirt, but to notice the things you used to love.  I just found an old box of papers from my childhood this afternoon.  It brought a few tears and lots of great memories.  I did get to recall some things I was really passionate about and as I think about them today, I still have great interest in them.  Reading old report cards I remembered beloved teachers and the kind words they wrote still have power.  I can see things I struggled with and see how I have conquered some of them!  I think finding a box like this is a sign- of what?  Lot’s of things, and I will figure out what I need to take from it now to move myself forward.

Look for the signs all around you this week.  Some will affirm what you are doing, some will provide information and guidance, and others will be asking you to check and maybe correct your direction.  Pay attention!  A sign won’t help you if you don’t recognize it.

Pay Attention to the Signs

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The 100 day challenge, Day 41:

When you decide to transform your life in some way, things start happening right away. 

 One thing that happens is that you start receiving signs to guide you and give you information.  These are instances like someone crosses your path, you see an article in a magazine, a bumper sticker or someone’s license plate says just the right word or words of wisdom.  Unless you are being conscious of looking for these signs, they will be buzzing right by you all day and you will miss them.  So being aware of them is the first step- taking action on them is the second step.  Write these things down and make a plan.  So many times our lives are so busy that if we don’t write them down, they are forgotten very quickly.  We then lose out on the guidance these signs may provide for us.

The other thing that starts to happen when you are up to big stuff is that obstacles appear in your way.  My explaination of this is that it is the Universe’s (I am using the word Universe- you can use your own word) way to test how serious you are about reaching your vision.  You can choose to tackle the obstacle and move forward, or decide it is too hard and back off.  I have seen many of my clients make both choices.  Some obstacles are huge, and some will get a stream of obstacles that just don’t seem to quit.  What I have observed in myself and with my clients that push forward no matter what is that the more that pops up to try to stop us, the greater the rewards on the other side of them.  Said another way- the more difficult the stuff you have to get through, the bigger and better your dream is fulfilled.  That is if you decide to keep going.

I am not going to say much about what happens with those who decide to back off and avoid the hard stuff.  You can guess what happens to their dreams.  It’s not that they never reach their dreams- they might, it just takes them a very long time and eventually they go through the hard stuff anyway.

If you have big dreams and goals for your life and you seem to be getting a lot of stuff in your way- get excited!  You are on your way to reaching even bigger dreams and goals than you anticipated!  Getting the transformed life of your dreams takes hard work-  and it’s worth it!

Filling Yourself with Good Part II

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 40:

I had to continue this one as I was missing maybe the most important piece.  There is no better way to fill yourself with good, than to fill someone else with good.

One of the best ways to uplift yourself is to help someone else feel better by giving them a kind word or supporting them.  You know that old saying- you don’t have to look far to find someone who is in a worse place than you are. 

People need our help- everywhere.

Whether you look for an opportunity to further a cause you believe in, help your neighbor carry in the groceries, help out at school, or offer a kind word to someone who needs it, you start to notice that there are endless opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s life.  Being unexpectedly kind is especially fun and I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness.  This kind of activity just fills you with positive energy and overwhelmingly good feelings.

I think if we were all a little less afraid to give each other a compliment- to build each other up- to edify one another (that was a new word I learned a few years ago!) this world would be a much happier, positive place.  Remember how the words you say mean so much to your brain and what it believes is true in your life?  Well, the words you say are just important to those around you.  Take the opportunity to impact their lives in a positive way.

And that’s another way that we fill ourselves with good!  Maybe the most important way of all.  What are you going to do this weekend to positively impact someone’s life?

PS-  I am giving a shout out to all of the great Lyric Theatre folks who had their Annual Meeting tonight and know how to throw a FUN party- that group is an excellent example of what I am talking about in this post.  You would have to look REAL hard to find a group of people more supportive of each other- BRAVO Lyric Theatre Company!

Filling Yourself with Good

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 39:

Everyday we can run into any number of negative forces, threatening to derail us from experiencing the best day possible.  When we are on purpose about filling our day with things that uplift us, it is much harder for the negative stuff to get us down.  When you are in the business of transforming your life it is extremely important that you develop a strong, positive mindset.

You already know the things that uplift you, you may have just forgotten to use them.  Like any skill, when we don’t use it, we lose track of it and it gets rusty and harder to do.  These are things you can do throughout the day to keep yourself on track.

Here is a list of some things you can do to get you started:

Reading uplifting books, quotes, articles.

Saying positive affirmations.

Positive visualization. (visualizing the positive outcome)

Listening to music.

Exercising aerobically and lifting weights.

Taking a quick walk outside when you have a break.

Talking to people who uplift you.

Focus on your goals.

Spend time doing a hobby or sport that you enjoy.

And one of my favorites: right before bed write out 5 things you did well that day and 5 things you are grateful for in your life.

Go ahead and add yours to this list and keep the list handy.  When negative stuff is getting you down this list is the antidote.  Which ones will you put into place starting today?

Are Your Values in Alignment?

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 38:

How we spend our days, determines the outcome of our weeks, months and years.  Are you clear about your most important values?  Keep track of where you are spending most of your time each day for a week or two- then match up your actions to your business and life goals.  How well are the two matching up?

If you are like most people, there is quite a difference between what your goals are and what is actually happening.  This is when you know it is time to re-center on your values.

In Power Coaching With Mind Kinetics tm working with values is a part of every session.  This helps clients to think about things in a different way and to see strengths that they were ignoring in themselves. 

What are your highest values?  What do they mean to you and what do you gain when you stay in alignment with them?  What is missing when you don’t?

When you are transforming toward living your life to it’s highest potential, it is essential to get clear on your values and to design your days to reflect them.  Only then will you see the ultimate results that are possible for you!

Character Building

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 37:

I had a mentor in the past that used to tell me that whenever you have to go through something really hard, you build character.  I took this to mean that you would become more experienced and wise.  I have learned to look at challenge gratefully most of the time, but sometimes it is hard.  Sometimes I just want to give into the challenge and let off the pressure.  It would feel good.  I could just forget about it and move on.

That would last about a day.  Then I would be right back at it again.  I have learned to give myself some planned breaks on the way to building character.  I have learned that if you don’t plan the breaks, the breaks plan themselves for me and they usually aren’t as much fun as the break I would have planned!

One thought that has always sustained me whenever I have to go through a difficult time (no, it’s not- this too shall pass- which can be a good one!) is the idea that the reason I am going through this experience is so that I will be able to help someone else in the future who is facing what I faced and conquered.  Likewise, when you are facing a big challenge, guaranteed there are others out there who have been through what you are going through.  All you have to do is be open to them showing up and be looking for them.  We are all here to help each other.

Who do you need help from today?

  Who can you be the force of hope and possibility for today? 

What have been the most character building times in your life?  How have those times blessed you in ways you never considered?  Have you ever considered it?  You can start now!

Blind Faith

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 36:

It really takes a lot of belief in yourself and things outside you to live peacefully in today’s world.  This is many times referred to as blind faith.  You hear a lot about it in church.  People in extreme sports or who take unusual risks also talk a lot about blind faith.

Sometimes we just have to believe in the unseen-  it can help you to get out of stuck and moving forward.  We can’t always have all of the answers, or always have the luxury of time to wait for all of the answers.

One thought that I’ve always liked is that it the faith is not really blind if someone else has done what you are wanting to do successfully.  If you have the map, you can be guided and trust that you will arrive at your destination.  So, the best thing is to be prepared, find out who else has done what you want to do and how they did it.  If you are doing something totally new to the world, then read about others who have created new things and learn how they did it.  Then it is not really blind faith because you know what to do- all you need is faith- and mostly in your self.

And yes, sometimes, we still need blind faith.  Positive expectation and belief can get you far when you have no real proof to cling to.  Really, what is the alternative, any way?

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