Power Questions For Transformation:

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 14:

As a coach, I have learned over the years that great questions are the best tool for helping clients to move forward and solve challenges.  I have a great book that I often refer to when I want to stir up some more powerful questions for myself or my clients.  The book is called Ask and You Will Succeed by Ken D. Foster. 

 Here are some of my favorite questions in the area of Cleaning the Clutter:

1.  What objects from the past no longer define who you are in the present?

2.  What are you holding onto inside with regard to your clutter?

3.  In what ways do you benefit by keeping clutter in your life?

4.  What is it costing you to keep clutter in your life?

5.  What are the five most distressing areas of clutter you would like to be done with now?

6.  What action steps can you take to clear all the rooms in your home (or to clear your office- I added this) of all their clutter forever?

                     “Environment is stronger than will, but resolve will conquer all.”   K.D. Foster


When working on transformation in any area, you have to clarify what it is you want.  Making space for this is imperative, so having a clutter-free environment- mentally and physically- a first step for many in the journey to reaching their goals.  Many of my fellow 100 Day Challenge partners are working on environmental challenges and are making great strides in clearing all kinds of things up.  It is amazing to me, too, how other important things are being achieved and learned while on their 100 Day journey.  This blog post is dedicated to them to show my appreciation for the inspiration they give to me and others both in and outside the group.

Beauty, again

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 13:

Beauty is one of my favorite subjects, so I write about it a lot and think about it a lot.  It takes many forms for me.  I like to set an intention each day to notice beautiful sights and actions that cross my path.  (or the other way around!)  Recently John installed a great bird feeder on the outside of our kitchen sink window.  At first no birds showed up, but now just a few weeks later our feeder is a busy bird zone!  We have such a vast array of birds, most we never have noticed just flying around in the trees.  We now recognize the chirp of the Cardinal and can get in position to watch when we get the alert.  Unlike most of the other birds, when a Cardinal flies in, we have to stay STILL or the bird will fly away instantly.  We so enjoy the beauty of the both the male and female, who are so different.  This has been such a treat for all of us, and we have learned so much about all of the birds by referring to our bird book.

So today as I quietly watched the bright red male Cardinal a thought occurred to me- I hope I never get to the point that seeing a Cardinal is so ordinary to me that I don’t think it is special anymore.  I think this happens with the beauty that surrounds us.  We get so used to seeing it that we stop noticing.  I think we need to be on purpose to stay in the place of appreciation  and wonder of that beauty. 

What things are you surrounded with that you used to find incredible and beautiful and now take for granted?  Your home?  View?  Wildlife? Personal possessions? Your spouse?  It’s worth a look around to recall all of the beauty in your life.  When you soak in beauty it shows in you, too- both inside and out.

Readers Are Leaders

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 13:

The first time I ever heard the phrase “readers are leaders” was from Brian Tracy and boy did that make my ears perk up!  I have heard it many time since (and this was YEARS ago!) and each time it reminds me to stay on track with my reading.  I have always liked the idea of being a leader and I have always loved books and reading, so the link between the two is very exciting to me!

I stumbled upon a study that was released by the National Endowment for the Arts in November 2007 entitled To Read or Not to Read.  www.nea.gov/research/ToRead_ExecSum.pdf.  It contains many interesting statistics regarding reading.  Here are a few:

-The number of adults who read a book not required for work our school in a year’s time: 57%.

-Good readers generally have more financially rewarding jobs.

-Good readers play a crucial role in enriching our cultural and civic life.  In fact they went on to say that literary readers are more than three times a likely as non-readers to visit museums, attend plays or concerts, and create artworks of their own.  They are also more likely to play sports, attend sporting events, or do outdoor activities.  It seems they are just plain more engaged in life and the world over-all.

-Literary readers are more than twice as likely as non-readers to volunteer or do charity work.

Michael Angier at www.positivepath.net adds a few other great points.  He says that though there may be readers who are not leaders, but that leaders are most certainly readers.  Quoting Michael “If you are commited to being all that you are capable of being, I implore you to become a voracious reader.  A book a month will keep you even, a book a year and you are falling behind.”  Just like Michael, my most prized material possession is my personal library.  I am a self proclaimed book-a-holic and I can not visit a book store without buying at least one book!

What was the last book you read for pleasure?  Reading is an essential component to any personal transformation and development plan.  Kids are going back to school, why not make your own learning and enjoyment plan for reading this fall?


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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 12:

This afternoon I was honored to be present at the 131st Convocation (opening day ceremonies) at Champlain College.  This has special meaning for me for many reasons, but today there was yet another reason.  My father-in-law, Jack  DuBrul, was given the Distinguished Citizen Award.  This award is given to someone who has made a major contributions to our community- and in Jack’s case, it has been extensive.  He is a person who is certainly deserving of such an award. 

As I sat there today many feelings were hitting me- the excitement of sitting there with the Freshman class and remembering my first day at the College (I can still remember!)- feeling their energy and mixed emotions on what it has meant to be dropped off at school and your on your own.  Then I look at my father-in-law and see a person on the other end of things, having created a successful business and life and having accumulated many, many amazing experiences which he continues to do.  And there I sat in the middle.  I started thinking about my legacy in life.  Yes, the thought has crossed my mind before, but never had it settled in so seriously.   

Time is of the essence in creating and building your legacy.  It is never too late, but the time is now to think about what you want to leave behind when you are gone.  How do you want the world to be better off because you have lived?  What can you start doing and contributing  now to start building toward your legacy?  What can you do to make sure that your daily actions line up with the vision you have?  

 If this idea interests you, take a few minutes this weekend to start formulating your vision!  What will it be for you?

Your Day Starts the Night Before

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 11:

One of my favorite thoughts from one of the most influential mentors I have had in my life, Mike Ferry, is the thought that your day starts the night before.  What he meant when he said it is this- if you want to have your most productive, efficient, most energized day, you need to wake up in a place that allows you to do it!  In my experience in working with top producers one of the common denominators was that they generally got up much early than the average person.  I had an opportunity to survey a huge crowd and this is what I found:  some were getting up between 3-4:00, some were getting up between 5-6:00 and the majority were getting up between 4-5:00!  Why were they doing this?  Because every morning they were laying a foundation for success in their day. 

The liklihood of getting up early is slim if you had a rough night before.  So how do you do it?

Here are a few ideas-

Eat a healthy dinner, and not too much of it either.  Leave plenty of time before bed for your food to digest.

Keep alcohol to a minimum or not at all.  (along with any other toxins that you may consider)

Take 10 minutes to write out and review your plan, list, schedule for the next day, then put work aside (computer off) and take time to wind down before bed.  Reading something peaceful or uplifting, or writing gratitude’s or your goals our before bed can also put your head in a good place before sleep.

Get to bed at a reasonable hour.  When you are getting up early to dig into a great day, you might have to go to bed earlier, too. 

These are habits that the top producers were willing to take on, no matter how uncomfortable the process of getting there.  In my coaching practice, I help my clients to come up with the perfect plan for them.

Don’t think of this as a jail sentence to no fun.  None of this is necessary if you are not looking to accomplish big things.   One of the things that Mike always said was that if you are having a day off the next day then don’t worry about it, but it you want to be at the top of your game in your day then you have to pay attention to  this idea.

What kind of day do you want to have tomorrow?  Plan for it tonight!


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100 Day Challenge, Day 10:

One of the most likely ways to move more quickly toward your goal is to learn to work with visualization.  Take some time to create your vision.  Sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed and go through these questions:

When I am achieving my goal:  What do I look like?

                                                                What is happening all around me?

                                                                 What emotions am I experiencing?/ How do I feel?

Take your time to get a clear picture and allow yourself to really get into the feelings you experience and fill yourself up with them.  The picture you form in your mind is of your positive outcome, and one you can purposely bring up each day for several minutes, and also whenever you find your thinking and behavior getting off track.  Visualizing before bed puts the picture in your mind before bed and allows your brain to work on solutions all night.  First thing in the morning, gets you moving in a definate direction toward your goals. 

Using visualization along with other tools like affirmation, prayer, goal setting and review  and accountability can give you the solid foundation you need to keep moving forward no matter what.  Mix these with  another essential ingredient for success,  right action,  and you have an excellent plan to get you living that picture.  One day you will wake up and realize that what you have been visualizing day after day has come true and you are living your dream!

As a coach, I help my clients to use all of these tools to their best advantage.  How can you put these activities to work for you to reach your highest potential in an area of your life?  What other activities can you add that will help you to get there?

I’m Not Interested

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100 Day Challenge, Day 9:

Something has been happening lately that I have been observing.  People doing things they have to do or commited to do and not enjoying it.  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, because we all have only a certain amount of time here on Earth, not enjoying each piece of it seems like a shame.  Now I know there are times you are not going to enjoy, especially sad times, though you can  still search for the good stuff.  What I am referring to is this more common place scenario:  You commit to going somewhere with friends, you really didn’t want to go, but you do it anyway.  You have already made up your mind that it is drudgery and that you are not going to enjoy yourself- so you don’t.  AND you likely ruin someone else’s time, as well.  Then you get back home and you say “see, that was terrible”, and can list off at least an arm’s length of stuff that confirms it.  Or you have to take a class that you really don’t enjoy, but it’s required.  You hate every minute of it, find it boring and can’t wait until the class is over.  What a waste!  These are just examples and I am sure that you can think of many more. 

A book I have been studying is The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.  In the book Mr. Schwartz offers a three step plan for becoming more enthusiastic.  One of the points I like most is called Dig Into It Deeper.  The idea here is that the one sure fire way to become more enthusiastic about something is to learn more about the thing that you are not enthusiastic about.  This also works to develop enthusiasm toward other people.  If you want to build enthusiasm for a new community, dig in and learn everything you can about it.  Want to build enthusiasm for a new project, dig in and find out as many details as you can- learn as much as you can.  The next time you find yourself  becoming bored, put this principle to work for you. 

Being enthusiastic about things makes you more attractive to others, making others feel compelled to want to be around you.  Think about the 7 areas of your life- where in your life do you need to have a little more enthusiasm?   This is a question that my clients and I often work on together.  Just pick one area and make a plan to take it up a notch or two.  This is the place to start.  You will see that this automatically raises enthusiasm in all areas of your life!

A Good Feeling of Tired

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100 Day Challenge, Day 8:

Have you ever put so much into a day, really stayed on track-  were focused and efficient and productive- you felt great about all you accomplished that day?  You may have worked longer and harder than usual, but you were in the flow and didn’t notice.  You were so excited about what you were doing that you put all of your energy and then some into it.   There is a feeling that comes at the end of a day like that- it’s called TIRED! 

This not the usual tired that comes from staying up too late the night before, poor eating habits, inactivity, or from just plain lacking enthusiasm.  This is a good feeling of tired!  It is a tired that tells you that you really moved forward today- and when you sink into bed that night, it feels like a reward you earned, not just something you do at that time of night.  When was the last time you had one of those days?

I had one today.  It was not spent working.  I was at an amusement park all day with my family and our good friends.  Boy- it takes alot of energy and you can experience every kind of emotion possible in a day like that.  When you put your all into it, everyone benefits.  Now it is past 10:00 and I am feeling that good feeling of tired and posting my day 8 blog and when I am finished, I will sink into bed and yes, it will feel like a HUGE reward!  I wish you a day like this one today- no matter what you are doing give it all you’ve got- and then some!  The one who benefits the most is YOU!

Rising to the Occasion

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100 Day Challenge, Day 7

Rising to the occasion means that you do your best, no matter what, whether you feel like it or not. You follow through because you made a committment to yourself or someone else.   Can you guess why this subject has come up for me today?  It’s Sunday night, I am tired as it’s been a busy weekend, everyone else is in bed and I am feeling a lull in my creative spirit!  BUT I made a commitment- 100 days of blogging in a row, so I am following through.  It would be so EASY to come up with some seemingly good reasons to just call it a day.

Here’s how I have to talk to myself right now:  “Self, (my friend Evy Biddle used to always say that and it always made me laugh, so I am borrowing because laughing will perk me up!) Self, you know how good you will feel when you follow through.  You know you will sleep peacefully knowing that you kept your commitment to yourself and the others you have made this promise to.  Remember all of the benefits you are receiving from doing the challenge and  of the transformation that will take place over the 100 days.  You get to win when you follow through (I like winning) and you get to start your day tomorrow already knowing you are on track.  It will be the icing on the cake of a day where you can say you did everything possible to the best self you could possibly be.”

Okay, I’m good.  The next time you hit a place where you are lacking energy and willpower to move forward, how can you talk to yourself in a way that will not allow you to go to that place of mediocrity?  Get your script ready now, so it will be ready when you need it!

Universe on Board

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100 Day Challenge, Day 6

I love it when I know the Universe is on board in supporting me in what I am doing!  How do I know when it is?  I realize if I remember to look for signs, I will see them.  It is the same for other support.  If we have the mindset that the world is out to support us, then more and more proof will show up that this is true.  We run across the right people, we see the right quote, people come out of the blue to offer help or encouragement, or we even see the right license plate or bumper sticker on the car in front of us!  You always find what you are looking for, so the trick is to be looking for what supports you.

In my fortune cookie last night:   You love challenge.  How cool is that?

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