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Converstation regarding values in our lives keeps crossing my path, so I know this is something to pay attention to. One of the conversations is around how important it is to define your most important values, the ones you intend to have present in your life- no matter what, then keeping track of your activities for a few days. At that point you can match up your two lists- values and activities- to see clearly whether or not you are living in alignment with your values.


Transformation begins!

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Thanks for visiting my blog! With this being a week of transformation nationally and history being made, it seems an appropriate time for my first post on my brand new blog! (I’m also making history!)
I am thinking about transformation in the personal sense and all of the ways that we can transform ourselves and our lives. Doing something new or out of your comfort zone is certainly transforming! When was the last time you did something that made you uncomfortable? What was the outcome and what did you learn in the process- in other words- what tranformation took place for you?