It’s Day 100!

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 100!!:

Yahoo!!  I made it to day 100 of my 100 day challenge!  Today’s the day!  For those of you who have been following me all along, you will remember that back on August 17 th I began the challenge to post something on my blog.

I am SO thankful to have made it successfully to my goal.

It is funny, at times I felt the end was so far, and now that I have reached it, it seems to have gone by so quickly- can you relate to that?

Because I have devoted this month’s postings to thankfulness and gratefulness, I want to mention why I am thankful for this challenge and what I have received.

I am thankful for the people I have “met” during the challenge- those who were in my challenge group- and all they have shared to inspire me along the way, I am thankful for learning to write more often with less censoring, I am thankful for all of the people- especially my Facebook friends- that have not only read a lot of my posts, but have taken time to comment or to let me know that they have held meaning for them, I am thankful for a place to increase my self discipline, I am thankful for all I have learned about myself and about blogging, and I am thankful for my husband supporting me at times when it was hard or I was tired,  I am thankful for a new chapter to begin!!

What habit would you like to change or attain in 100 days?   How different would your life be in 100 days?

Thankful for Good Health

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 98:

This year especially, with all the H1N1 going around, flus, colds and everything else, it is a little easier to feel thankful when you are feeling good and healthy.  Sometimes we can take good health for granted, and only after we’ve had a bought with sickness, can we remember to rejoice and feeling our best.

Take time this week to think about how lucky you are if you are healthy and feeling good.  If you are sick this week make good choices to help yourself heal as quickly as possible.  That means taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

When we are well, we are in a great position to be nurturing to those around us who may not be well.  Think to ask- how can I be an extra special blessing to their healing?

What new habit can you start (or re-start) this week to improve your health for the long term?  Start your New Year’s resolutions now- they will serve you well during the holiday season!


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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 97!:

Today I am feeling gratitude for being a part of something bigger than just me!  A group of us put our heads together and are putting on a show tonight at the Main Street Landing Black Box Theatre, which was kindly donated for our use.  Our show benefits the Go Red for Women program of the American Heart Association.  Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in women and we aim to raise money for making women aware and to also do so through our actions and events.

Tonight will be no exception- in every way it is community coming together for a great cause.  People came from all directions to help.  I am thankful for what a group of people on a mission can create together!

What passion do you have that you could put to use in helping your community in some way.  Helping others gets our minds off ourselves and what is happening in our world.  In most cases you end up feeling even more gratitude for the life you have.  Pick a charity today- during this season of  love, thankfulness and giving back.  What will you do to make a difference?  What are you already doing?  Share with us!

Thankful for Inspiration, Part II

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 96!:

A few days ago I wrote about ideas for increasing the inspiration in your life.  After thinking about it and reading it, I still like the ideas, but one thought keeps occurring to me- inspiration is an inside job in the end.  We can use external forces to give us a start, but it’s what we do with it that counts.

Today I would like to offer some internal ways to find inspiration- I would be thankful if you would add yours to the list by commenting.

Goals- going back to re-focus on your goals is a great way to feel inspired, especially when you re-call the excitement you felt when you first wrote the goals.  Notice how far you have already come and recognize the successes you have already had.

Prayer- tapping into a higher power to ask for help, believing in something bigger than yourself- that’s inspiring!

Gratitude- Here is comes again!  Keeping the daily gratitude journal- when you are not feeling inspired, look at your entries.  Get focused on what is already great about you, your work and your life.

Fun- What do you like to do that brings you joy?  Go do something that you love to do- even if lack of inspiration makes you feel that you don’t want to- listen to you inner wisdom and just go do something fun!  Laughing always changes your state and quickly uplifts you.

Other tools- pull out other things that work to build inspiration like meditation, affirmations and work on strengthening your beliefs. 

As a coach, I work with my clients to help them to put that sparkle in their lives- it comes from inspiration- it’s like that extra something, that icing on the cake.  If you want a life that sparkles, a life that is full, satisfying and delightful- look for ways to keep yourself inspired daily!

What will you do today to raise the level of inspiration in your life?

Thankful, just Thankful

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 95!:

Today, like many days, has been filled with non-stop action.  I am thankful to just be sitting here, nothing moving but my brain and fingers- I am thankful for sitting still!   When I am still I allow space for gratelfulness to come in.  I think back over my day and recognize all of the things that filled it that I am thankful for.

Things like- seeing old friends, meeting new people, somebody lent me something valuable, two other friends each offered dresses for my daughter to wear in a show this weekend, I got to each lunch with my husband and son, I was fortunate to work with great coaching clients, I had a good workout, someone gave me a lead- my list could go on, I can see given the space, I can come up with a long list.

But now sitting still in the quiet, I am starting to feel that the end of the day is here.   And so now I am so thankful for a comfy bed to crawl into!  What things are you thankful for today?

Thankful for Letting things Go

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 94:

As of today I have let something go from my life that has been a discipline for years.  My intuition had been telling me for weeks that it was no longer serving me.  I kept hanging on, after all, I had spent over 4 years of my life being committed to it- how could I let it go?  I have gone around and around and finally decided to listen to my intuition.

Imagine my surprise when I almost immediately have realized the freedom in letting go.  As soon as I let go, I was able to see all the other choices I have now, for my time and for my development.  Some of these things I have wanted to do for a very long time, but didn’t because of feeling conflict with my discipline.

I am so thankful that I let go!  A whole new world has opened up for me!

What have you been keeping around far too long- habits, disciplines, situations, mindsets- that maybe once served you and no longer do?  What is your intuition telling you?  How could you benefit by letting something go?  What opportunities open up to you when you let go?

Go ahead, if you know it’s best, trust yourself and let it go!

Thankful for Inspiration

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 93!:

These days I am finding it completely necessary to keep myself inspired everyday- some days I really have to work on it.  I guess I am lucky in a way that in my line of work I have to keep inspired- otherwise what kind of a coach would I be?

I don’t think I am the only who needs to keep inspired- I think every one of us needs it and I am thankful today for all of the inspiration that is surrounding me all the time.

If you look around- and yes, even this takes some effort depending upon the day- you can find inspiration every where.  There are always books, magazines, and endless online websites.  Biography’s and magazines like Success are always great for me.  Right now I am finding Joel Osteen’s new book- It’s Your Time- very inspiring.  There are recordings of almost every book out there or great places to go for them like or

Unless you really live in the middle of nowhere you can always find an inspiring speaker to go hear like I did tonight at Champlain College.  Liz Robert of Terry Bicycles certainly got my wheels turning- no pun intended!  If you do live in the middle of nowhere, there are tons of great speeches on youtube and other sites.

Maybe you get inspired by being out in nature, or getting involved with a cause that means a lot to you.  Meaningful work is so inspiring.

Talking to big thinkers in your life can take you up several levels and fast!  Seek them out.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to be inspired.  Sometimes backing off and taking an afternoon inspiration break- or a full day one- can be such a boost.

Being inspired takes time, effort and action (also known as some work), but the payoff is huge!

When things have looked bleak in the past, what has inspired to most to get moving?

What can you put into place (or back into place) for daily inspiration starting today?

Who can you call right now for an inspirational boost?

Who can you inspire today?  Who needs you and your inspiring energy?  Who’s watching you and counting on your for inspiration? 

You’ve got to get it before you can give it………………..

Thankful for Kind Words

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 92!:

I just hung up from my 100 Day Challenge call and am left with a feeling of thankfulness.  I am reminded how a few kind words can change your day.  I had an instance earlier in the day where the words coming from someone else, or even lack of them, were not positive and I could observe my thinking going into questionable and certainly unsupportive thinking.

So, I was really in tune today to notice that when someone says something positive about what you are doing, what a difference it can make in how you feel and what you are willing and able to produce. 

Both experiences today remind me (once again- and I am clear that I am noticing this because I need reminding) that a kind word can change someone’s day- maybe even their life.  Stopping to notice something good someone is doing can make all the difference to them.  It encourages them to keep going and allows them to feel great about themselves- something we can all use more of!

Make sure to do it for yourself, too!

Gratefulness and Transformation

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 91:

It is fairly easy (if we remember) to be grateful for good things that happen in our lives.  When we can look at things that we consider not to be good and find something to be grateful for, that is when transformation takes place.

What circumstances exist in your life (good and seemingly not good) that you have not expressed your gratitude for?  Start with the “good” stuff.  Make a list.  Then go to what doesn’t seem to be good.  You can look for what the circumstance is teaching you, or maybe the people that you have met because of it, or how you have learned to be more creative, or what you have had to let go of, or take on.  It could be a wake up call for better health and self care, or a reminder of your lost values, what’s most important to you.

 It may be hard at first, but if you are open and willing to find the treasure, it always exists.

When your goal is to transform some part of your life, gratitude for your current reality is an excellent place to start!  Change the way you think about something, and you can change (transform) your life.

Thankful for Breakdowns

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The 100 Day Challenge, Day 90!:

We can spend our lives trying to stay up, positive and balanced.  And despite our best efforts, at times, we experience breakdowns.  Well I say- yeah for the breakdowns!

Okay, you might think that sounds pretty crazy- and NO I don’t particularly enjoy the actual breakdown phase, but I have observed cycles of success and break through- mine and others- for long enough to see that it is just that- a cycle.  I can consol myself during the breakdown that what I know for sure is that what follows is breakthrough.  Both parts and everything in between are necessary.

A breakdown allows for many wonderful things to happen.  Many times it is a signal to slow down and re-assess what you are doing or thinking.  It may be time to change direction.  A breakdown can be a catalyst for re-inventing yourself and making big changes in your life.  Without breakdowns in our lives, we would never be challenged to reach our highest potential.

Breakdowns can last a  moment, a day or can be pretty extended depending upon what is going on in our lives, and how much action we take and how quickly we take it.  Maybe you are experiencing a breakdown right now.  What is this experience trying to teach you?  What are you being called to re-create or re-think in your life right now?  Where have you not been in alignment with your values?  Have you lost sight of that which brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment?  Breakdowns allow you to look closely at details and to really get clear about what is happening.

Maybe you are not experiencing a breakdown right now, but I am sure you can identify times in your life where this was taking place.  If you are a person who has big goals and dreams, you are sure to reach this place again.

Learn to rejoice in the breakdowns and their promise of the breakthrough to come!  It will happen everytime.

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