How to Have a Great Day! Part 2 (see previous post for part 1)

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I love this idea from my old mentor Mike Ferry- “Your day starts the night before.”  I have learned this and integrated this thought into my life over the past 20 years.  In the previous post, I talked about how to have a great start to the day, ritualizing the morning, getting off to a fantastic start.

Now imagine what having a great night can do for have an amazing morning.  It just makes a lot of sense.

If you are a mover and shaker, a person who wants to accomplish a lot and live a great life, you will want to pay attention. The bookends of the day (morning and night) are the foundation upon which your life is built. Make the wrong choices and the outcomes that lead to a less than stellar life will be the result. Make the right choices and everything comes together.

At night there are few really important points to consider:

- Censor what you allow into your head.  Whether it is tv, books, magazines, movies, whatever- anything with violence, or less than life affirming themes is not recommended to an optimal mindset.  Especially right before you go to bed. Your subconscious mind is going to feel on whatever you were last viewing, working with and thinking about prior to sleep. Make sure its what you want more of.

-Careful eating and drinking are a must.  I learned a long time ago that a glass of wine with dinner will cause me to not get anything else done the rest of the night, but will also leaving me less than optimal in the morning. Even just one glass. Certain foods and eating too close to bedtime are sure to disrupt my sleep. Know what works and doesn’t for you.  Eat healthfully and lightly at night.

-Set yourself up for a good sleep with both previous thoughts- summed up by being strict about what you allow in- in all ways.  Also, relax and wind down. Screens such as from tablets and phones with blue light will disrupt your sleep.  Aim to turn off all devices at least an hour before bed and get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If sleep is an issue for you, look into learning more about how to help yourself. There are a lot of great books out there right now, as well as tons of info out there in cyber space. The old adage still stands- the early bird gets the worm.  It is proven that the most successful people are getting up early and getting things done. For most people, getting the right sleep is what allows them to do this.

-Write out your day each night before you go to sleep. Write by hand, visualize how the day will go and then wind down with some reading before nodding off.  These are good things to have your subconscious mind work on while you sleep!

-Meditation before sleep is an important part of the nightly ritual for some. There are many that support winding down before bed- search iTunes to find one you like or go to

The real deal is- figure out what works for you- and when you figure it out- stick with it. You will know when you break your own rules- a less than optimal start. (I love that word optimal!)

Once you get your bookends ritualized, the rest of the day will fall into place.  A few ideas for the day time:

-Make a schedule and stick to it.  Account for everything- work, errands, meals and free time.

-Work in 90 minute focused chunks and then take a break. Proven to be most productive.

-Put the highest impact actions first in your schedule. You will have the most energy in the morning and the least number of things to get in the way. As the day goes on, the chances of something coming up that will throw you off track gets greater and greater.

-Keep fueled in a healthy way. One of my mentors taught me to always take a real break for lunch. For me, this was an easy one! A real break means leaving the office/desk and changing the scenery along with eating. If the weather is nice, getting some outside time will be super rejuvanating as the goal is to prep yourself mid day to have just as productive an afternoon, as was the morning.Take a quick walk if possible.  If you’ve got things to do, stay away from heavy foods and a lot of sugar, extra caffeine, etc.

Continue to fine tune your bookends and your day. You will eventually fall into a rhythm that works great for you. Follow your plan until it becomes habit, knowing that making change is many times difficult and your mind might fight you tooth and nail! Your mind is comfortable with the way you have been doing it, so knowing this can help you to override the impulse to give in and not follow your plan.  Commit to a 90 day cycle before judging whether it works or not.

Get a coach, a friend, someone who cares to hold you accountable to the changes you want to make. For successful people, accountability is essential. Coaches are essential.

And keep yourself lighthearted in the process- have fun discovering how to create your best day!

Building a Positive Mindset for Success in Business and Life Part 1

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I have been privileged starting in January of this year to take on a project at WCAX Channel 3′s The :30 show which airs Monday- Friday at 5:30 eastern time and can also be caught live streaming on the web.  The project is a segment called Get It Together and this month this is what we are getting together:  our mindset!


I say we because cultivating a great mindset is a never-ending process.  I have taken on some habits that help me and I know that they day I stop, chances are good that my mindset will go to a place that is no longer supportive of me in living the kind of life I want to live.

We come by our mindsets honestly.  We learn from the study of positive psychology that we come into this world already pre-disposed to a certain level of positive mindset.  The environment we were raised in and currently live and work in will also affect this. This does not mean that you can not change, it just means that we all start from a different place.  Accepting that is the first most important thing to do.  Then deciding we want to change, why it is important and determining what’s in it for us crucial.  Writing these reasons down and reading them often will play a big part in staying on track with your mindset transformation.


Some rules:

-If you get off track, recognize what got you off track, learn from it and make plans to combat it the next time, or to circumvent it completely in the future.

-Be patient with yourself.  It will take time to ingrain a new way of thinking.

-Commit to a 90 day cycle to begin with.

-Know that you will be uncomfortable at times and may not always feel like following through and that you may have to force yourself for a good while before a new way becomes your way.

In this post I am going to focus on the foundation of your day- the morning.  What you do upon waking up each day will set the tone for either greatness or struggle or somewhere in between.

There was a time that I greeted each day feeling anxious.  Getting grounded before I moved forward was crucial for me to have a good day and began to explore this.  Experimenting with different things to help me get into a mentally strong place first thing each day, I was able to find actions that really worked for me.

This is when I discovered something very important- ritualizing actions will help you to stay on track and to have success in changing my habits of thinking.  What I have ended up with is this:

-Wake up, first thought- “thank you” in my head.  As I am thankful to just be greeting another new day.

-Prayer- sometimes short, sometimes long- there is no rigidity here.

-Meditation- every single day.  I have been doing this for over 10 years.  I have gone from hour long mediations, to ten minutes, it has really depended upon the season of my life.  Right now I have settled into a nice 30 minute routine that works for me.  I am usually listening to Brain Sync subliminal meditations by Kelly Howell:  I focus on my breath and my mind wanders continuously- that is what I want to tell everyone who does not meditate or thinks they can not:  if you are reading this, you are most likely human.  Human beings have minds that wander.  Accept that.  When you meditate, your mind will wander, you will notice, and bring your mind back to breath. The noticing and coming back is it. No beating yourself up. It’s not that complicated.

-After prayer and mediation, I exercise.  Sometimes a class, sometimes the basement gym, followed by dog walking. (dogs and pets are great for mindset by the way) and sometimes the dog walking is my exercise.

-And, I always eat a good breakfast, while engaging with my family, hopefully having a good laugh or two.


What I don’t do- I don’t allow myself to get into any negative conversations, I don’t watch negative tv or news, I don’t read sad, depressing or upsetting things or watch videos of the same type.  In fact, I may jump on social media to post something positive at some point, but I will avoid scrolling in the morning.

A BIG point I want to make here is that this is MY way.  I encourage you to enjoy the process of finding your best way to start the day.  for instance, I know many people who love to exercise and work out some energy before they meditate and that is what works for them.

A few other actions that people take to establish a powerful mindset for the day are:

Writing affirmations and/or gratitudes

Having a morning phone call with an accountability partner

Positive journaling/creating ideas

Listing to a positive, motivating and/or uplifting podcast:  I am especially taken right now with The School of Greatness podcast which is free on iTunes.

Reading something positive, motivating and/or uplifting.


Experiment with some of these and create your own.  Please comment here or on my Facebook page with what works for you.

In part 2 next month, I will share about the other end of the day- nighttime ritual, which is just as important to creating that great, supportive mindset.

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Create your life from the ground up, by changing the way you think at the start of your day.




New Month/New Quarter Check List!

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Today is March 31st and another month, and quarter have come to an end!

First of all, get yourself a nice pad of paper or journal and pen and resolve to have then with you at all times.

I always take time (and ask my clients to, as well) to reflect on the past month/quarter to learn what I can in order to move forward in the best way possible.  I ask questions like:

-What went well?

-What did not go well?

-What did I learn?

-What are the fixes to assure I do not repeat the same mistakes again?

This is really item one on my planning checklist.  Thoroughly looking back allows me the greatest chance of success moving forward.

Here’s the rest of the checklist, along with a few thoughts and questions to expand your thinking.

-Take a quick check of your goals- which are still important, which can you let go of?

-What is your theme for the month?  The quarter?

-Make a column for each of these areas of life and one to three major goals for the month- keeping in mind that a major goal could be something small!  Be specific with each- you may break the steps down into smaller steps.  I’ve included ideas in each category to give you some direction.

community- volunteering, supporting, giving, making a difference…..

health-exercise, eating well, overall well being goals, weight loss goal,yoga, meditation…

mental/intellectual-reading, meditation, not watching certain tv shows or news, classes, conversations, yoga, movies to see….

business/work- production goals, efficiency, collaborations, creation, work hours, projects, new clients, people to meet….

social-events to attend, meet ups, groups, organizing get togethers, meals/tea/coffee with friends, how often, who, when….

family-quality time- immediate family and other- who, what, when, where….

financial-income, debt paying, cash flow, contributions, savings, investments…..

spiritual-practices, times, reading, attending church, yoga, groups, music


Some of your goals may be carry over, some new.  Stretch yourself here and write down what you REALLY want to do!

-What book or books will you read this month/quarter?

-What classes (online or in person) will you take, in any?

-Who will you meet up with this month?

-What gatherings will you hold?

-What community events will you attend?

-What new activities will you take on?

-What habits will you start to break?

Use this list to spur your mind and write it all down.



-Re-check your goals at least each Sunday.  Ask yourself the reflection questions from above.

-Plan out the week, making sure that your days are scheduled with activities that lead you directly to your goals.

-Each night before bed, confirm your plan for the next day.

Fill your plans for the next month and quarter with goals you love, that you feel excited and passionate about.  This is your life! So many times people will say to me- I don’t want to do all of this planning, but the truth is, the life of your dreams will not happen by default. Don’t shortchange yourself!  Go for it!



-Who can help and/or hold you accountable for you goals?  Keep in mind that you may not have the same person for all goals. Where can you go to get support?  This is a crucial part of your success. Spend time around those who uplift and support you way more than those who do not. (avoid those if possible, but this is real life and we must account for the possibility that they will show up!)


Self Love 2016

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Last evening on my segment, Get It Together, airing each month on WCAX TV’s The :30 show here in Vermont the topic was all about self love!

Self love gets a really bad rap.  Many people feel uncomfortable talking about it- it’s selfish, it’s conceited.  It’s really just the opposite.  One point I made, and this is my belief, is that if you are actually concerned that you could love yourself too much, be selfish or egotistical then you are precisely the person who will never be that way.  In fact, you could probably use some heavy doses of self love. When you see those negative attributes showing up in someone, it is most certainly going to be due to something other than self love.

When you engage consistently in self love (list of some ways below), you will have more energy and better self to offer the rest of your world in all areas.

There is much to be said about the subject of self love, and for the show I boiled it down to a few quick points as a place to start.

1.  Be kind and compassionate with yourself.  Stop beating yourself up for mistakes- both perceived and real. Understand that you are a human being and we all mess up from time to time- you may not always be whatever definition of perfect you have dreamed up for yourself. When you engage in self doubt and should have, could have, would have you are hurting your spirit and will sap your energy. This constant habit leaves you depleted- with less ability to create the life and types of relationships you want.

A great exercise I suggested is to get out a pad of paper and pen and write out everything that you can think of that is good about you, as we very seldom stop to consider those things- we are too busy running the constant ticker tape of our faults and imperfections. This list is just for you. On those days when you are feeling less than self loved, take the list out to remind yourself of your good.

2. Practice extreme self care. My first coaching mentor, Cheryl Richardson, wrote a book on the subject which has had a great influence on me.

Daily habits like:

-being careful who you surround yourself with

-eliminating clutter from your life in all ways

-cultivating a comfortable and restoring home environment

-organizing your finances

-not making commitments out of guild or obligation

-doing work that is meaningful to you

these are all acts of self love.


making fun and pleasure a part of your daily routine like:

-humor and laughter

-taking breaks and real vacations, too

-surrounding yourself with things you love that make you happy

-spending time in nature

-eating in a healthy way

-engaging in healthy hobbies that you are passionate about

are just a few more ways to show yourself the love you deserve. (come up with the ways that feeling loving to you)

3. Learn to be direct in asking for what you want. No more beating around the bush, expecting people to read your mind and then being disappointed when you don’t get it. Ask for and accept help- trying to do everything, control everything and do it alone is definitely not an act of self love. Consider that many times when you feel your needs aren’t being met that you have not made them clear to others or asked for or accepted help. Also, learning to say no confidently instead of saying yes to everything and then resenting it is also a great self love muscle to build. Being there for everyone and everything els robs you of your life. To build a life that represents your values and needs, you have to get used to the idea that some people are just not going to like you, no matter what you do. Stop letting them define you.

Visit my Facebook page to view a few resources on the subject at


Act Another Way

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At one time in our lives we probably all believed in magic.  The wonder with which we beheld the world was real and open to everything good and beautiful. We can do anything we want in our lives.

Things can change as we grow up.  Not always, but for most of us, we lose that keen eye for the magic in life.  We mostly stop seeing the beauty that surrounds us.

Fast forward into adult hood.  We now have well established habits- many that do not serve us in any way.  Memories of mistakes made are clear.  Prevalent thoughts of missed opportunities, second guessing, being hard on yourself, and having others be hard on you has taken a toll.  Taking care of others, takes it toll.

We can become beaten down.  Sometimes we don’t even notice, it happens little by little.

Little traumas and big, adding up to a less than sparkling self.

This happened to me.

I didn’t even feel like myself anymore.  I began to feel awkward around others, not even comfortable in my own skin.


Until I didn’t.

I woke up- it wasn’t a startling waking up, it was a slow, yawning, stretching where things occurred to me, little by little.

Until I realized I was awake and back in life- all in- again.

What happened simply was many years of caring, wonderful friends who listened to me. Cared, loved me and listened to me.

And then I heard an idea.  The idea what that it was okay to be powerless against something.  Not realizing, I had been for years trying to control things in life.  I just thought I was being responsible.

But really I was trying to fix things before they got broken.  Care taking the what-if’s.

Crushed at the first sign it didn’t work.

I never gave up on anything.  It’s my life’s calling- and I am authentic in my belief.  Everyone can have a great life and if you just try hard enough, you can ALWAYS  figure out a solution.  For everything.

But sometimes you can’t.  And sometimes you don’t need to.  It’s not yours to figure out.

The Serenity Prayer.  Could I just stick to the things I could control?  There was a process to come to grips with the reality of the things I could actually control, fix, impact.  It would have felt like giving up in the past, but this time, it felt like freedom.

And it is.

Change is usually uncomfortable.  But so is constantly searching for information, answers, trying to fix something and waiting for the next shoe to drop.  I have more time now!  I focus on being optimal in every area of my life- and I now have the energy to do so.


The whole world opens up.

Be bold.  Lets some things go.

Make your life happen.

You are the only one who can.

Harmony in Your Holidays

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Harmony- a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts.

That sounds like a great way to spend the holiday season- in an organized fashion, things happening in a way that you can count on, and things being pleasantly arranged- sounds enjoyable and peaceful!

Is that how you would normally describe your holidays?  If so, please share your tips!

If not, this is a call to bring harmony in, on purpose, to your December through New Year’s day world.  Beginning by asking yourself- what would that mean for me, to feel harmony at this time?

What would have to happen in order for me to feel harmony, given the definition above, operating in my holiday season life?

Make a written list- and don’t sensor yourself, even when you don’t know how it could actually happen, or if it is really possible- this is a wish list for now.  Then look at your list.

What ones are possible now and what steps would need to be taken in order for it to be reality?

What’s left?  What parts of those things could be done?  What is one step you could take to move it forward.

For me, a lot have having harmony between the parts comes down to something I am constantly talking about- pre-planning, planning and planning some more. That is one consistent thing in my life and I credit it as the reason I can get so much done.

Careful orchestration can go a LONG way toward creating harmony.  This just takes a little bit of your time on Sunday to plan the week and a little time before bed each night.  A little input of time for a big out put of harmony.

Here are my major thoughts in creating harmony this year end:

*Commit to less and only agree to things that are priorities in your life and important to you or someone who is a central part of your life. Get comfortable with JoMO- the Joy of Missing Out!  Instead of FoMO- the fear of missing out. Create harmony by reserving your energy for things that you love and want to be your best at.

*Harmony starts with healthy, centered body and mind. A big thing for me in December is to up my yoga class frequency dramatically! Especially with Yin and Restorative yoga to calm and soothe me.  Daily meditation is  really a great answer, as well.

*Laughter/humor are essential to balancing and creating a harmonious day- be intentional with this- funny movies (Christmas Vacation anyone?!), jokes, sitcoms with the kids, comedy club- you name it! Figure out how to put some laughter into each day.

*Don’t go crazy with spending if it doesn’t make sense. Feeling badly finiancially is a sure fire way to through your harmony off kilter.

*Everything in moderation- eating, drinking wise- that is harmony to me.  We all know what this means. It is just being disciplined. Have special rules for work nights and weekends. Enjoy, just be thoughtful about it.

*Music and singing- totally harmonious. As are old traditions like decorating, seeing a Christmas Carol at the theater, caroling, and anything else you like to do that fills you with spirit!

*Get out in nature- as much as possible!- works every time for me to regain and maintain my sense of harmony.

*For me, and you can stop reading here if you choose, prayer keeps me very grounded and centered. It is the foundation of my day with meditation layered on.

I would love to hear your specific ideas for creating harmony in your life during the holidays! Please share here for everyone’s benefit!

Happy Holidays!  Tra la la la la!!,


How’s Gravity Working for You?

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Maybe it’s the Autumn leaves falling to the Earth that have me thinking about gravity.  Or it could be standing on my head- which I have been doing more of lately.  This concept, or natural law, of gravity seems perfect for right now.

Gravity, when we fully let it take over, can bring us a solid sense of groundedness.  During the Summer I feel like I am living up in my head- being really busy, lots of moving around, lots of thinking. Gravity and being grounded when paid attention to can help to bring us back into our bodies where so much wisdom exists.  We can settle down, and actually think a little less, but create even more.  Think less, but make more concrete decisions.

One of the best ways I know to come back down to Earth (and you can also read this- to relieve some bit of anxiety or fear you may feel in any moment) is the breath intentionally. Deep full breaths are a great place to start. Focus on your breath and let go of tension.

Notice lying on the floor how heavy you feel- Savasana, final resting pose in yoga is a great place to try this- now breath and let each part of your body relax and let go- you will see that though you were letting the floor hold you, you were still holding quite a bit. Trusting gravity and just letting it hold us is an amazing thing to experience.

We can let the idea of gravity lead us to being more settled, able to search within for answers. It can lead us to hunkering in, getting cozy, getting focused and getting so much done- without the frenzied running around. It may even lead you to take a nap- and for you to have the opportunity to observe the gift in treating yourself in this way.

Slow down and get more done? Gravity is our friend- may be a long lost friend- waiting for you to re-discover her.

Coaching questions:

How can the law of gravity help you to slow down, feel held and gain trust in yourself and the work you are sharing with the world?

How can consciously participating in the law of gravity increase your good health, the strength of your mind and your spirituality?

Where have you been trying so hard that you could let go of resistance and get grounded again? How does this benefit you?

How does sitting quietly and breathing change your ability to focus and shift unsettled feelings to settled and positive?

What activities ground you and how will you start to weave them back in to your life, or increase their frequency?

Enjoy using this natural time of year to pull inward a bit to experience gravity in a new and totally intentional way.


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Sometimes we feel the need to start over at square one.  From the ground up. Back to basics. Prioritize. Many times this happens when we have been through something traumatic, or something mind shifting, or surprising has taken place in our life. People think this is the time to do a rebuild- and it may be. And there is another perfect time.

It’s anytime. Anytime you feel that little itch of overwhelm, hope, dissatisfaction, surge of energy, wanting to live life more creatively, on purpose- the feeling can come from a negative or a positive feeling place.

A re-build can be a once in a life time thing, or it may be looked at and considered yearly, sometimes every five year, or 4 times a year- you get the idea. It is a great thing to do when you feel called to do it.

The re-build requires looking with a discerning eye into all of the areas of your life. Really deciding what is not working and what is. What are you enjoying and what aren’t you? What are you accomplishing that is important and where would you like different results? And what are those results? How happy are you? What would make you happier? What activities would you like to engage in, but have not made the room for them to exist in your life?

There are just a few questions to get you rolling. The re-build usually involves giving some things up- actions, habits, stuff. Really clearing the slate to build from the ground up. There will be some delays, some backsliding, some hiccups- as there is in the building of anything fine and made to last. What will get in the way?  Account for these things in advance- be prepared. Get a view of the big picture to keep you regardless of what seems to be happening.

Above all- give yourself the permission to change. One of the most challenging things as a human being is that those who know us one way have a hard time seeing us a new way. This can pull us back, and it can be discouraging. You need to be strong enough within yourself to know and see your potential and the potential of your life. Keep that big vision first and foremost- it is possible! It may be a few tweaks, or a complete remodel- whichever it is, it will mean big things for you.

It is never too late to build a life you love. Every minute you wait, you cheat yourself out of it.

Your Mid Year Review!

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I just finished an episode of my BlogTalk Radio Show- Your Year of Transformation and today’s topic was about mid year review- I am summarizing some of the points here on my blog and also feel free to listen to the 30 minute episode here:


I mentioned several great questions that I have learned and used successfully from my mentors.

From Darren Hardy publisher of Success Magazine and author of a great book- The Compound Effect. (I ask all of my clients to read it).

Ask yourself first of all-  What went well?

What did not go well?

What are the fixes?

What are the aha’s?

And from Danielle LaPorte, author and creator of The Desire Map  (these are classes I am also teaching now guiding people through the process) which points you toward your CDF’s- Core Desired Feelings- which can help great decision making and goal setting in a whole different way.

How are you feeling?

What’s working and flowing?

What needs refining or burning down?

What or how have you changed?

And I added to that last question- and what are you bringing to the table in the second half of the year because of those changes?

Some of my simple questions to add to your reflection:

What where your goals at the start of the year?

How far have you come?

Are those goals still important?  If yes, how can you expand them and make them more exciting? If no, in Danielle’s words- what would light you up or make you feel expansive?

The areas to consider in your life are:




Mental /Intellectual




Taking time at the halfway point of the year to reflect will allow you to take stock of where you are to make sure you are on the track you wanted to be on, and to be able to course correct before you go much further into the year. (One of the reasons I suggest actually doing this process on a weekly basis!)  Look at what you have learned- positive or negative- what can you use to move forward in a more powerful way because of this awareness.

Listen at the link above as I will guide you a bit through the mid year process! Thanks for reading, listening and sharing!


How Free Are You?

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Most of you reading this post are what you would consider free- you live in the place you want to live, you decide when and where you will go. You pretty much do what you want to do, and don’t do what we don’t want to do. Or at least you have the ability to do those things.  But are you really free? Are you allowing yourself to be truly free?

As I ended the month of June I was thinking a lot about fear.  I found myself contemplating a few choices that I had just made that didn’t make me very happy.  I really sat and thought about them and what was at the root of them and what I found was fear. Pretty much unfounded fear running around unconsciously informing my decisions. This made me feel a little angry. Which was also a good emotion to sit with because as I contemplated this fear and then anger, a lot of answers (and a few new questions) started to arise.

The calendar turns to July today and my chosen theme for the month, freedom, takes on many meanings for me. It just happens to coincide with the month where Independence Day occurs- no mistake I am sure.  I did not chose my theme for this month based on that, but going back to my core values and Core Desired Feelings from my Desire Map work- one word seemed to have the ability to transform the fears I was encountering- freedom.

Here’s a bit of what I have discovered that I am now working on. Let me just say that this work takes patience, time, new habits and ways of thinking have to take hold. Having awareness is the first step and that is where I am at.

1. Being attached to things and being afraid to lose things is not freedom.

2. The fear of missing out on something just takes you out of the present moment, which is perfect already.

3. You can’t always get a do over and operating out of fear may make you wish you could.

4. Allowing fear to inform your decisions, instead of trust and belief, is a sure recipe for regret.

5. Being afraid to look at things in a new way just causes you to miss out on what is perfect now.

And there are many more, but I’ll stop there for now.

One of my beliefs I proudly profess is this:  I believe everything happens for a reason and I trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.

So how did I get away from that kind of thinking when I was making my decisions? I let fear over shadow and I wasn’t conscious of the fear. So the gift in all of this is that I was able to experience something very sad for me in order to gain awareness for moving forward. I am refusing to stay stuck on feeling badly, even though I could see how easy it could be to do just that. I am no good to anyone in that place. But what I can do is learn from it and strengthen myself so that fear can take a back seat.

What surprised me most about fear is that in my case it was insidious. It was sneaky. It didn’t just announce itself.

So I challenge you today to look into the nooks and crannies- where is fear informing your decisions, your life?

Where do you stay because of fear?

What are you missing out on due to fear?

Where is fear keeping you from being really free and living the life you dream of?

Where is fear causing you to play small?

What about all of these fears is true and what are you purely making up with no real proof?

The things I was fearing were not true- I had made them up, “what if” style.

And what about freedom-

So what would it be like to be truly free?

Where is money holding you captive so that you are not free to live your life?

Where are old ways of thinking keeping you from being free and open minded?

How is not living freely hurting you- by this I mean, for example, how is not fully expressing yourself with your words, or your work, or with your interests even possibly making you physically ill?  Further removing your freedom to live a beautiful life.

Take out your journal or some paper and pen and start to sketch out some thoughts.  I am highlighting a lot of what looks negative, so I want to make sure to say- celebrate the great thinking patterns you have, those great habits that all help you to move past fears and live freely.  Notice how far you have come in your life. Notice where fear could have ruled, but didn’t.  Notice all of the ways you are living freely in your life and use that energy and power to infiltrated the nooks and crannies still left to be cleared out.

It takes time and patience, give yourself the gift of both. Living the life of your dreams and full freedom is worth it! You know it.

For me, freedom is about the spirit of letting things go, letting go of judgement and caring whether others are judging me or not, it’s speaking freely and not holding back. It’s trusting and believing. What is it for you?

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