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About Mindscan/HVP Assessments

The Mindscan assessment report was developed out of the discovery of the science of Formal Axiology by Dr. Robert Hartman. What resulted was the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), now sometimes called the Mindscan. The Mindscan profile report is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of research and development in the science of Axiology, transfinite mathematics, quantum physics and developmental sciences combined with actual real life situations.

The HVP is not based on a sampling of people—it does not compare you to someone else. It is designed to capture how your brain processes information, what you pay attention to and how much detail you take in. If I want to know how well a person can perform a specific skill, you could ask a series of questions about the skill and they could tell you, or you could observe them in action. The latter observation leads to a much greater understanding of the person’s skill, as does the HVP. The information is very powerful because how we process information influences our values, our drive, our motives, our decisions and ultimately our actions.

The HVP measures our thinking. Our thinking, perceptions, and judgments affect our behavior and actions. We know that many different factors can affect our “thinking” such as age, genetic make up, the way we are raised, traumatic experiences, etc… Why understand our thinking? If we learn more about what we are blind to or what we may be missing, we can make changes. Also, we all have strengths and limits in our thinking that can be maximized and minimized. In understanding our thinking process we can better understand the different view points of others that can lead to better relationships and conflict resolution.

The HVP has incredible application in life, business and in the area of athletics. We don’t know what we don’t know! Are you ready to find out??

Credit for this information goes to Pam Brooks, Master Consultant for Axiometrics International and Rich Campe of RCI who have been my teachers and coaches in this area.

About HVP The Athletic Assessment Profile

The athlete profile can help a coach understand the performance issues of an athlete in hours in what would normally take over a year of working with them. Many of the top college coaches that have been exposed to the use of the assessment come back year after year to gain valuable insights into their players going into a new season.

From an athlete's perspective if they are looking for an edge, or attempting to find a way to improve performance, this report will be able to pinpoint what issues they are having so they can quickly adjust their thinking and processing to increase performance.

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